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Paradise Valley
Paradise Valley
Stronghold Takeover
Faction Roaches
Requires Oil for Blood
Territory Selatan Archipelago
Required Chaos 240,000
Location Lembah Firdaus Compound,
Selatan Archipelago
X:19100; Y:25870
Chaos 7,500
Cash 17,500
Weapon Parts 2
Vehicle Parts 2

Paradise Valley is the final stronghold takeover that Rico can do for the Roaches in Just Cause 2.


The mission starts at the Roaches HQ. Rico is transported to the location in a helicopter.

Razak tells Rico that a place called Paradise Valley, once a place of worship for ancient tribes, became a drug lab for a rare narcotic in Panau. Pandak Panay took advantage of this and turned it into a government front. Razak wants to take the facility over to expand the Roaches' drug smuggling business.


Rico has to protect the Roaches technician.

The first thing you'll see are some soldiers. Kill them. Be careful while walking past the place where you saw them. There's a minigun behind the corner. Next, there are 2 guard towers on either side of the road. There's a sniper in each one. You have to kill them to progress the mission.

Then, as you continue to walk on the road, towards the top of the stronghold, there are some more soldiers and then an armed buggy shows up and stops. Kill every soldier you see, but don't run ahead.

At the top / end of the stronghold, there are several more soldiers and one of them has a Rocket Launcher. Take cover behind something and kill them all. After that, the best place to be will be where the guy with the rocket launcher was standing.

The Panau Military will try to take that place back. If you need health, then there's a Medicine cabinet in that stone building at the top of the stairs. The soldiers will show up soon. Shoot them all, but don't leave the top of the stairs. 2 APC's with miniguns will show up a few seconds after the soldiers. Take cover in the building and shoot the minigun operators. Right after that, there will be a helicopter. Look around in the stone building. There's a weapon box in the rear corner. It contains a rocket launcher. The rocket launcher from the dead soldier might also still be at the top of the stairs. The mission ends as soon as you've shot down the helicopter.

If you are attempting this on the hardest difficulty, it can be quite hard, because the main thing is to have plenty of ammo once you have got to the place the technician hacks, as there aren't many weapon boxes around you and the military assault you for some time. The Minigun is useless apart from maybe destroying vehicles as it has okay accuracy, but combined with not being able to see much while shooting, you will not keep up with the number of advancing reinforcements. You would also be likely to die as you move very slowly with it. Keeping it mounted isn't an alternative as it has a very narrow range.


  • A rather unique thing about this mission is that usually the stronghold commander arrives in either a UH-10 Chippewa or SV-1003 Raider, but this time both of these vehicles are featured. The Stronghold Commander arrives in a UH-10 Chippewa while two elites man miniguns with the sole purpose to tear you to shreds.
  • This is one of the few missions to feature more than one sniper.


Just Cause 2 Mission Paradise Valley (stronghold takeover)05:54

Just Cause 2 Mission Paradise Valley (stronghold takeover)

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