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Pekan Batu Karang
Pekan Batu Karang
Settlement in Panau
Type Vacation resort, but marked as a village
Territory Senjakala Islands
Coordinates X:2300; Y:31460
Missions that take place here None

Pekan Batu Karang is a vacation resort in Just Cause 2.


This settlement is a small overwater resort rather than a residence area. Civilians aren't present there. There's small modern cabins located on small piers. It's not known if the resort was erected under this regime or the previous. This resort is one of the most secluded in Panau, as it bares no military or civilian presence, making it a wonderful location to relax away from the hardships of military and gang violence in Panau.

In total there's 12 huts, divided into 4 equal groups. All have glass doors and yellow roofs. A small dirt road leads here from the nearby Kampung Tasik Lembah, which is so close that it could be counted as the same settlement. It's safe to assume that the resort servants live there. The Three Kings Hotel can easily be seen from here.

The name supposedly means "Coral Rock Market" in Malaysian. Could this place also be a market?

It is one of the few places to be completable with collecting or destroying one thing.


At a beach in the most western part of Senjakala Islands and the most south-western settlement in Panau.



Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Pekan Batu Karang00:22

Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Pekan Batu Karang


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