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Pekan Bukit Nenas
Pekan Bukit Nenas
Settlement in Panau
Type Village
Geographical Territory West Tanah Raya
Influential Territory Ramai Rakyat Islands
Coordinates X:11920; Y:10485
Missions that take place here Race: Highway to Heaven

Pekan Bukit Nenas is a village in Just Cause 2.


It's one of the smallest villages in the district, consisting of only a few wooden cabins and slum shacks made of metal plates. The race "Highway to Heaven" can be started just to the north, at the highway.

The name means "Pineapple Hill Town" in Malay.


In the northern part of the Ramai Rakyat Islands influencal area, north-east of Pekan Air Hangat. The village is at the crossing point of two dirt roads.



Random civilian vehicles are the only vehicles known to be spawning here.


Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Pekan Bukit Nenas

Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Pekan Bukit Nenas