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Pekan Hutan Buluh
Pekan Hutan Buluh
Settlement in Panau
Type Oil Storage Depot
Territory Pelaut Archipelago
Coordinates X:27500; Y:6530
Missions that take place here None

Pekan Hutan Buluh is a settlement in Just Cause 2.


The location is marked as a village, but it's actually a large oil storage depot where the Panauan Oil Company stores their raw oil. The oil is then transported to the nearby Emas Hitam Oil Refinery.

The depot houses a lot of Oil Cisterns in varying sizes, two high industrial towers of unknown purpose and an electrical substation in the south-western part of the compound. Each of the small cisterns has a Resource item on the top.

Opposite the northern entrance of the depot is the guarded entrance to the road to Paya Luas military airport.

The name translates into "Bamboo Forest Village".
Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Pekan Hutan Buluh 05


  • 4 Transformers - At the substation.
  • 2 Generators - Substation.
  • 4 Fuel Depots - 1 close to a small building near the substation, the rest beside one of the towers.
  • 10 Resource items:
    • 6 Weapon parts. All of these are found on top of the small Oil Cisterns.
    • 2 Vehicle parts.
    • 1 Armor part.
    • 1 Cash stash.


In Pelaut Archipelago, just north-west of Emas Hitam Oil Refinery. The facility is surrounded by jungle and there's lots of trees even between the oil cisterns. There's a road entrance to the north.


  • Hamaya Cougar 600 - Unknown if permanent spawn. Some civilian settlements spawn random civilian vehicles.


Main article: Just Cause 2 Bugs and glitches.

There's a glitch that prevents the remains of the destroyed Transformers and Generators from spawning. This may also apply to other settlements.


Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Pekan Hutan Buluh03:02

Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Pekan Hutan Buluh


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