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This article is about some file types, used in the file directory of the Just Cause games. This is relevant to Modifying the games.


These files are per-mesh physics attributes. They are a proprietary Havok format wrapped in a JC2-specific header. The string "Havok-5.5.0-r1" is the version of Havok that serialized the XML file that this data was originally stored in. These files are generally extremely redundant; most of the values match the defaults, as indicated by the "do not serialize" flags in the files, which indicate that if the file is serialized back to XML, the majority of the values will not be put in the XML file because they are redundant and only required in production use by the binary format.

Havok uses a form of reflection to load these files at runtime (this explains the redundancy). The types match the name of actual types used by the Havok physics engine.

The data is laid out in three sections; "classnames", "types" and "data".

List of known variablesEdit

  • hkClass
  • hkClassMember
  • hkClassEnum
  • hkClassEnumItem
  • hkpPhantom
  • hkAabb
  • hkpConvexVerticesConnectivity
  • hkpEntitySmallArraySerializeOverrideType
  • hkpPhysicsData
  • hkWorldMemoryAvailableWatchDog
  • hkpPhysicsSystem
  • hkSweptTransform
  • hkpShapeContainer
  • hkpCollidable
  • hkpBroadPhaseHandle
  • hkpEntity
  • hkpShapeCollection
  • hkpMaterial
  • hkpKeyframedRigidMotion
  • hkAabbUint32
  • hkpSphereRepShape
  • hkpRigidBody
  • hkpModifierConstraintAtom
  • hkpListShapeChildInfo
  • hkpSingleShapeContainer
  • hkReferencedObject
  • hkpCollisionFilter
  • hkpConstraintInstance
  • hkpProperty
  • hkRootLevelContainer
  • hkpLinkedCollidable
  • hkMultiThreadCheck
  • hkpConvexTransformShape
  • hkpWorldCinfo
  • hkpMaxSizeMotion
  • hkpPropertyValue
  • hkpCdBody
  • hkBaseObject
  • hkpShape
  • hkpConstraintData
  • hkpListShape
  • hkpCollidableBoundingVolumeData
  • hkpTypedBroadPhaseHandle
  • hkpCapsuleShape
  • hkpMotion
  • hkpWorldObject
  • hkpAction
  • hkpConvexListFilter
  • hkpConvexShape
  • hkRootLevelContainerNamedVariant
  • hkpEntitySpuCollisionCallback
  • hkpConvexVerticesShape
  • hkpConvexVerticesShapeFourVectors
  • hkMotionState
  • hkpConstraintAtom
  • PhysicsData

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