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Pescespada SS
Pescespada SS
As seen in Conflicting Interests.
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Speedboat
Weapons None
Rarity Common
List of owners Looch
Top speed (km/h) ~92.6
Top speed (mph) 50 (knots)

The Pescespada SS is a speedboat in Just Cause 3.


It's a two seat speedboat.

The Rebel drop description says "Mugello's scintillating Pescespada SS racing boat cuts through white caps as though they were marshmallows.  Easily achieves speeds of 70-plus knots in calm waters."


The Pesespada SS is the primary boat provided in Races for a reason. It is the third fastest boat in the game, behind the Squalo X7 and the Loochador, and besides reaching its stated top speed easily on the waves (50 knots in calm seas), it features incredibly nimble handling and responsive steering for a boat its size, able to shift direction and slalom around obstacles with little need for throttle control. However, like its faster and more exclusive brother the Squalo X7 it has a tendency to 'drift' in the water, going sideways very easily.


Armed versionEdit

Main article: Weaponized Pescespada SS.

The armed version came with the "weaponized vehicle pack" for anyone who preordered the game. By now it has been released as a DLC for anyone to buy separately.


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