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Pocumtuck Nomad
Pocumtuck Nomad
As seen in Just Cause 2.
Vehicle in Just Cause game series
Type RV
Weapons None
Rarity Just Cause - Stationary vehicle
Just Cause 2 - Very rare
List of owners The Agency (Tom Sheldon)
Panau Military (never seen in use)
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 30
Acceleration 25
Armour 30
Handling 30

The Pocumtuck Nomad is a large mobile home / RV in the Just Cause game series.

Description (JC1)Edit

It's a large mobile home / RV, with antennas and cargo on the roof. This original version looks about 15 years older than the JC2 one and the satellite antenna on the roof is always revolving.

In some missions, like at the trigger for the mission Some Like it Hotter, it's revealed that there's a large green tent that can be connected to the side of the vehicle. It's usually on the right side of the vehicle, but in the beginning of the mission River of Blood, the tent is on the left side of the vehicle. There's also a large remote-controlled screen on the left external wall. In the beginning of the mission Streets of Fire, the RV has a sun roof extending out of the left side.

This is one of the indestructable Stationary vehicles.

It kind of resembles the GMC motorhome, which in its time had a reputation of being very modern and well designed.

Description (JC2)Edit

In Just Cause 2, it's based on the Winnebago Adventurer and GMC motorhome. Unlike its earlier version, it has no mission-specific special versions, but just as before, it contains a lot of electronic equipment. The JC2 version doesn't have a detailed underside and doesn't even have axles. This is strange because most of the land vehicles have a detailed underside.

It only spawns in the cream and green paint scheme, as there are only two in the game.

Performance (JC2)Edit

Like most vehicles of its size it is long, heavy, and sluggish, but it has the best handling compared to other large vehicles such as the various buses, coaches, and military trucks. It takes a long stretch of road to get it up to top speed or a slight downhill decline to give it a boost. Heavy vehicles are excellent to tether another vehicle or Propaganda Trailer to and rampage through Panau Military checkpoints, making quick work of the Wrecking Ball achievement or trophy.

The Pocumtuck Nomad has a moderate amount of armor-plating, as it can smash through at least five cars at full speed and various trees and ferns, and have no visible damage. Eventually, cosmetic damage such as broken windows and headlights and dirt will appear, but it will take an estimated 10 minutes worth of constant crashing or enemy gunfire to cause the engine to weaken and start smoking.

At full speed, if the Nomad hits a small vehicle such as the Tuk Tuk Laa head on, the small vehicle may explode. This will damage it but not critically.

The Nomad can be totally destroyed by one magazine of  level 6 machine gun fire, three Fragmentation Grenades, or two level 6 Triggered Explosives.

Locations (JC1)Edit

In San Esperito, it spawns at the starting points of most Agency missions. Several of the mission briefings are done inside the RV. Tom usually parks it at beaches. Its last appearance is before Sink the Buccaneer (the second to last mission).

Locations (JC2)Edit

In Panau, it spawns at different locations during the storyline missions. Often at the starting point of an Agency mission, just like in San Esperito. The classic scene of Kane and Tom Sheldon relaxing on the beach with a barbecue in front of them and the RV parked up on the sand makes an appearance at the beginning of Mountain Rescue.

There may be more locations.

Time. Description of the location. PDA map co-ordinates.
All the time. Pulau Berendam port. X:25880; Y:3460.
Maybe all the time? Unnamed civilian settlement at X:26460; Y:28800 X:26460; Y:28800
Just before the fourth Agency mission Mountain Rescue. At a beach in Pelaut Archipelago, directly south of Kepulauan Pelaut Alpha. Tom and Maria are waiting for Rico near the RV. X:23635; Y:6275.
Just before the fifth Agency mission Three Kings. Kampung Kilang Papan village. Tom has parked the RV in the middle of the village and landed a helicopter next to it, like he owns the place. He's having a barbecue right in the street, completely oblivious to how offensive these actions probably are to the locals. X:5210; Y:31655.
Just before the sixth Agency mission (Into the Den) and during Mercenary Mode. At Karl Blaine's Residence. X:17280; Y:14370.


  • "Pocumtuc" is the name of a Native American tribe that originated in southern New Hampshire.
  • "Nomad" is a person who doesn't have a stationary home and travels a lot. Nomad (at wikipedia).
  • This is the only vehicle to be featured in multiple games. 
  • The wheels of the vehicle are not visibly attached to the chassis at all. Instead, they float at the appropriate locations and are attached through invisible structures. The player will only be able notice this when the vehicle is on its side or upside-down. 



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Just Cause 2 Race challenge The Forbidden Coast