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Port Kuala Besar
Port Kuala Besar
Settlement in Panau
Type Military harbor
Territory Panau Tengah Bay
Coordinates X:16120; Y:12770
Missions that take place here None

Kuala Besar is a port in Just Cause 2.


The port is of medium size. There are several concrete bunker buildings; hangars and wooden barracks. The entrance is watched over from wooden Guard Towers. There are at least two Health Cabinets. It has 2 SAM sites to protect it from air attacks, but a skilled helicopter pilot should manage to clear that out. Other armaments include a one-barrel Flak CannonColonel Yoong is stationed at the base and hangs out with his officer bodyguards at one of the concrete bunker buildings. However, oddly, he does not spawn on the ground, he spawns on a walkway close to a Broadcast Tower and Generator. The Pipeline can be easily missed, so be sure to check all around the harbor. The only easy way to actually spot the pipeline is to look for a large red dot in the middle of some trees nearby. After completion, the area is not restricted anymore.

This base, oddly enough, sends a Sivirkin 15 Havoc as air support.

The name means "Large Cape Port" in Malaysian.
Port Kuala Besar 2


In the Panau Tengah Bay, in the delta of the Sungai Sejuk River. The port is fully visible from the nearby M2 road bridge. It's connected to the Kem Sungai Sejuk airport via a paved road over the highway and this airport is in turn connected to the road network.

It seems like an excellent location for a port, but the port is too small to take advantage of it. As it is, it can only service relatively small craft, like the player controllable boats, but nothing like the Cargo ships. The port would greatly benefit from being expanded, with an additional dock on its southern side. That dock would not be limited by the river and could service larger ships.



The port has large concrete warehouses, so it would take a while for small military boats to spend all the supplies. This explains the lack of need for more ground vehicles. It would also be possible to borrow vehicles from the nearby airport (follow the only road). Many more boats might be serviced here, but most Panauan boats are patroling the waters.


Just Cause 2 - Port Kuala Besar - military harbor05:28

Just Cause 2 - Port Kuala Besar - military harbor


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