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Porto Tridente
Porto Tridente
Settlement in Medici
Type Military port
Region Insula Striate
Province Maestrale
Coordinates N 40 49.370 E 5 32.190
Missions that take place here None

Porto Tridente is a military port in Just Cause 3.


It's the one of the biggest military ports in Medici, the largest being Porto Vena and it's shaped like a trident. According to the ingame map, "Medici's oldest harbor, Porto Tridente was long considered Medici's window to France and Spain. Now it's a window to nowhere, serving only to launch the zealous Medician fleet on endless patrols for pirates, rebels, and spies."


Along the north-west coast of Insula Striate, the largest island, in the Maestrale province. The trident shape makes it stand out on the map.



All Medici Military vehicles are replaced by Rebellion versions after completion.

After conquering this base, you unlock the rebel Corvette for Rebel drop.


  • The name means "Port Trident" in Italian.
  • When liberating this port, the military will call in an air strike. If this happens 4 U-7 Dravecs will do bombing runs. This is the only base that will call in air support via fixed wing aircraft. The port has multiple SAMs, but they can't do anything to planes that fast. It's advised to just grapple around a lot (to stay away from the big red target) and try to get them to blow up some of their own equipment.

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