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Potomac Silverbullet
Potomac Silverbullet
Low 'n slow. That's how you do it in San Esperito.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Old 4-door car
Weapons None
Rarity Common
List of owners Civilians
Montano Cartel

The Potomac Silverbullet is a car in Just Cause (1).


One of the more classic cars in Just Cause, the Potomac Silverbullet is a four-door late 1940s sedan which always appears with a white roof and brown body. Its engine noise is so loud and rasping that it can usually be heard over other vehicles on the road. Like the other classic cars, it has wire wheels. The rear doors are quite small.

It's one of the three 4-door cars in the game. The others are the Scando 700 Sedan and the Taxi.


It's slower than the other classic cars, but the others have only half the seats. It's relatively tail-happy even at lower speeds, possibly making it good for Drifting.


  • One is used by the Montano Cartel in a Rioja Cartel sidemission. You have to destroy the 'Potomac Car' while taking on a compliment of Montano goons with rocket launchers and machine guns.
  • It is very common on the roads of San Esperito and can be found all over the nation.


  • The "Potomac" part of its name is probably referencing the Potomac river. It could also be referencing 'Pontiac' a famous US car manufacturer.
  • It has a somewhat similar name to the Pell Silverbolt 6 from Just Cause 2.
  • A silver bullet is said to be effective against vampires. Conveniently there is "a vampire" in the game.
  • The Potomac Indiana in Mafia 3 resembles this car in both name and appearance.


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