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Provincia Los Islas
Oil refinery at Provincia Los Islas
The oil refinery.
Province in San Esperito
Destabilized by Dismissed Without Honors
Location in country Southern edge of the country. The islands south of Esperito City.

Provinica Los Islas is a Province in Just Cause (1).


The province consists of a few islands. The biggest island is mostly mountain-like, with only two settlements and possibly a few small unmarked villages. The province also has three completely uninhabited islands surrounding the biggest island. The western-most island has a lighthouse at its western tip.

Most islands here are connected by a few narrow roads and bridges, but the province roads are not connected to the rest of San Esperitos roads, which is odd considering how easily it could be done by adding just one little bridge to the southern end of Esperito City.

In the middle of the biggest island is an unmarked oil refinery. It's unknown who is responsible for maintaining it, but since there is an Automatic surface to air missile launcher close by, it's quite likely owned by the San Esperito Military. However, it doesn't seem to target Guerrilla helicopters so it might be owned by the Guerrillas as well.

North north-east of the local safehouse is a hill with a wooden tower, just like the ones that usually hold automatic surface to air missile launchers. The hill side seems to be excavated at the bottom of the tower, which makes this tower usable for BASE jumping.

Locations in this provinceEdit

Underwater trees and grassEdit

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