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Provincia de Don Velasco
Automatic SAM launcher (ground)
View to the east from the edge of the cliff at the airforce base.
Province in San Esperito
Destabilized by Sink the Buccaneer
Location in country In-land, north-east of the capital.

Provincia de Don Velasco is a province in Just Cause (1).


There's a chance that this province was named after the chief of the San Esperito Police Department, Mr. Velasco, however there is no evidence other than the name.

The province is located in-land, north-east of the capital. The western end of the province ends with a high cliff. The airforce base is on the edge of that cliff. The cliff provides a view of Esperito City - North.

There's a small lake near the eastern edge of the province. At the south-west corner of the lake, between hills, is a small private house with a Civilian near it. What's unusual about it is that houses like that are otherwise only used in Military bases in San Esperito. Also, that single house has its own private road.

Settlements and points of interestEdit

  • Don Velasco Air Base.
  • Santo Tomas village.
  • La Cantera village.
  • Guerrilla 29 Campo Libertad. This is one of the few safehouses that hosts a Mounted Gun.
  • Casa Catalan Cartel Villa. Very oddly for a settlement of this kind there are 8 open garages, but no vehicles at all. Even some cartel villas have vehicles not in garages.
  • An isolated private house near the south-west corner of the lake.


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