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Provincia de Las Palmas
Mendoza International Airport
The Mendoza International Airport covers about a half of the province.
Province in San Esperito
Destabilized by Some Enchanted Evening
Location in country About the center of the southern half.

Provincia de Las Palmas is a province in Just Cause (1).


This is one of the smallest provinces in San Esperito. It's almost entirely on an island and that island has no mountains, or jungles. There's only one Cartel Villa. The only point of interest is the Mendoza International Airport.

Settlements Edit


  • The province is likely named after the real-life Province of Las Palmas, which is a province of Spain located in the Canary Islands.
  • This province is the only one to host the only airport that can be taken over by force. Other airports are "taken over" when the Guerrillas take over the province.