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Provincia de San Mateo
Photography of San Mateo
This side of the islands is San Mateo.
Province in San Esperito
Destabilized by River of Blood
Location in country Middle of the northern coast.

Provincia de San Mateo is a Province in Just Cause (1).


It's one of the small provinces in San Esperito, the island is dominated principally by a big valley with a big mountain and two small plateaus. One of the small plateaus is located in a side of the town "Fuente de Lourdes" and the other plateau is located to the south-west of the province. There is located the El Toro Loco nightclub where the mission Field of Dreams starts.

The province is composed of:

  • A big a piece of land where is located: four marked settlements, two Safehouses, an unmarked Cartel villa, a factory and a nightclub, is easy drive by the road system composed by a principal highway and seven small and short roads.
  • A medium size island where is located a cartel villa: "Caza Feniz". This island is connected with the land through a old bridge made of wood, the road system is composed by many small roads and a principal highway, some of road ends are near each-other, so it's easily possible to drive through the island to get to another road or travel from one side of it to another side of the same.
  • A small island where is located the village Montoya, the principal road of this island is a small road around of the island and a second road from one side of the island to another side of the same. This island is connected with the land through a small road it start in this island but ends at Provincia de El Oro.
  • A set of three tiny islands without roads where there are a small fishing communities. In the small island located near to the land side of this province there are a set of two windmill.

There is a factory where the fourth checkpoint is located when you start the Race "Hang Ten", that checkpoint is between the factory chimneys.


Is located in the top-south area of San Esperito between Provincia de los Guererros and Provincia de El Oro, to the south of Durango.

Settlements in this provinceEdit


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