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Pulau Ketam Kecil
Pulau Ketam Kecil
Settlement in Panau
Type Military port
Territory Pelaut Archipelago
Coordinates X:28070; Y:11250.
Missions that take place here None

Pulau Ketam Kecil is a military port in Just Cause 2.


In Malaysian the port's name means "Small crab island".

The port is of medium size and houses a large dock, some bunker buildings, a helicopter landing pad, some open warehouses and a Pipeline. The port has two entrances, both of which are guarded by two minigun posts. There's a one-barrel Flak Cannon in the middle of the port.


It's the most southern port in Pelaut Archipelago. Close to the Mile High Club. The port is very likely a receiver of the gas produced at the nearby Pelantar Gas Telok Beting Timur. The port is located at the end of a small paved road.
Mile High Club seen from Pulau Ketam Kecil

The Mile High Club seen from here at night while raining.


There's a Drug Drop on the roof of one of the bunker buildings and another one at the end of the pier with the Crane. There is also a Black Box in the water, just over 100 meters northeast of the Drug Drop on the pier.



Just Cause 2 - Pulau Ketam Kecil - military harbor04:45

Just Cause 2 - Pulau Ketam Kecil - military harbor


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