This is a disambiguation for all the race tracks in the Just Cause game series.
City Sprint race map

"City Sprint" race track in Citate Di Ravello, JC3.

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Unmarked and other racetracks in Just Cause:

  • There's a racetrack with large soil ramps on the east coast of San Esperito, south-west of the Don Ernesto Harbor. The track has two parked The Vampire monster trucks. During the mission Sink the Buccaneer the monster trucks are driving around the track and might follow you off the track.
  • The motorcycle race is special for taking place along a purpose-built obstacle track.

Unmarked and other racetracks in Just Cause 2:

  • Bandar Selekeh - The paved racetrack.
  • X:8692; Y:25446 - A large, narrow, sandy desert track.
  • X:11000; Y:4000 - Dirt road race track.
  • X:29800; Y:15800 - Another dirt race track.

Unmarked and other racetracks in Just Cause 3:

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