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Rajang Temple
Rajang Temple
Settlement in Panau
Type Ancient Temple and Faction HQ.
Geographical Territory Panau Tengah Bay
Influential Territory Lautan Lama Desert
Coordinates X:12060; Y:23260.
Missions that take place here The White Tiger

Rajang Temple is a location and notable building in Just Cause 2.


It's a step pyramid of a Maya/Aztec style and with a lot of columns. The columns can be destroyed, but they'll respawn.

In the top view it's a square. Otherwise it's a very low and wide pyramid, covered with round columns. There are stairs on each side. The 4 corners each have a collapsed room. The corner rooms do not have doors, or windows, so they must have been closed boxes when new. The middle has a square shaped house with a tall cone-shaped roof. The house has no walls and the roof is held up by 4 corner columns.

The large number of round columns are destructible, but they'll respawn back up when you return later. It's the biggest single temple ruin in Panau and the only one to be a discoverable settlement. Some temple ruins cover (or seem to cover) a larger area, but those are all composed of separate structures.

No vehicles spawn here, other than a truck that's seen during the mission The White Tiger.
Just Cause 2 - Rajang Temple - civilian village 05


Just about in the middle of nowhere, in a jungle on a hill. North-east of the Sungai Curah military base and south-west of the Negeri Cengkih military base.


With only Collectable Items, this is one of the easiest places to complete.

  • 3 Resource Items:
    • 1 Armor Part - Located in the middle of the temple.
    • 1 Weapon Part - Located at the south-east corner of the temple.
    • 1 Vehicle Part - Located at the north-west corner of the temple.

There's one or two Ular Skulls in the forest, just outside the temple, but these do not effect the settlement completion.


Its architecture differs greatly from the common temples that were erected by the ancient Ular Tribe. It's a completely unique temple of an unknown origin. See also: Hidden temple at Isla Maria Dolorosa, similarly unique temple in Just Cause (1).

Its most recent use was as a hide-out for Tom Sheldon, who used it for his gang, the White Tiger. This location is featured in the third Agency mission, The White Tiger, where the temple is attacked by the Panau Military. Whilst playing this mission it is very likely that the player will destroy a lot of the pillars, but they will respawn later.


Just Cause 2 - Rajang Temple - civilian village

Just Cause 2 - Rajang Temple - civilian village