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Re-Oppression is a game feature in Just Cause 3 available after completion of the main storyline.


To re-oppress a location, the player has to have finished the storyline and liberated the location. Once the location is liberated, the player can go to the map, select the location, and select "Re-oppress and Fast Travel" from the menu. This resets the location to the way it was at the start of the game and fast travels Rico to it. This will cost 1 flare.

Region central command towers are also reset by this and they'll disappear once the base is taken over again. The FOW weapons do not get re-enabled.

Re-Oppression is unlocked after completing all the storyline missions.

The only settlements that can't be set to be "re-oppressed" are the eDEN Airship, eDEN Extraction Site Alpha, eDEN Extraction Site Bravo and the Black Hand's Prisoner Processing Center.


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