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Royal 500 - great white
Royal 500 - great white
At the Casa Montoya cartel villa.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Luxury motor boat
Weapons None
Rarity Rare
List of owners Rioja Cartel (ultimately)
Montano Cartel (initially)

The Royal 500 - great white is boat in Just Cause (1).


  • Other than La Honradez, it's the most luxurious private boat in the game.
  • It has 4 seats.
  • The front end contains an inaccessible passenger cabin.
  • The front cabin has two long and narrow roof windows.
  • A part of its name, "Great White" is a reference to "Carcharodon carcharias" (otherwise known as great white shark).


It's faster than average, but it's not fast enough to get away from law enforcement. It slows down noticeably when it turns.



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