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SAMs in Medici
Rebel SAM Site
Weapon in Just Cause 3
Type SAM
Usage Automatic/hacking
Maximum ammunition in the weapon Infinite
List of owners Medici Military
The Rebellion
Black Hand

SAMs in Medici are fully autonomous Surface-to-Air Missile systems in Just Cause 3.


It's an automated missile launcher with six missiles. Each launcher has an 8-wheeled Trailer. The launcher consists of a tall cylindrical unit with three loaded missile canisters mounted on either side. On top of the cylindrical unit is a flashing beacon which indicates whether the SAM is within target range.

There is a computer on the trailer, which Rico can hack. When this is done, the SAMs will attack all Medici Military aircraft within range. The beacon on top of the cylindrical unit will also change color from red to blue to indicate ownership of the SAM (blue for The Rebellion and red for the Medici Military, or Black Hand). The beacon can also be used as a range indicator; if the beacon can be seen, the SAM can be assumed to be within range of you.

The SAM launcher's body bears a vague resemblance to a real world Rapier SAM launcher, with the missile tube layout looking like the six outermost tubes of a Russian BM-30 Smerch multiple rocket launcher.

It is worth noting that when you hack a SAM, the small light next to the hacking console becomes blue, but it still reflects red light on the metal surface around it.


The SAM has a short range and can launch missiles at three second intervals. It can destroy most helicopters with two to three direct hits. The missiles are not highly maneuverable or fast, meaning they can be evaded quite easily. In order to detonate, the missile must make direct contact with the target. Despite there being only six missiles on the launcher, the SAM can fire an infinite number of missiles.

The SAM is highly mobile due to its 8-wheeled Trailer. It can be towed around through the use of the Grappler and a large vehicle. Helicopters can also hoist the SAM onto large ships, such as the Corvette.

A hacked SAM launcher will attack you if you fly a Black Hand aircraft.


They all look the same, regardless of owner. All of them are considered to belong to which ever faction controls the settlement where they are.


  • The ones that appear in missions do not appear there normally.
  • The words "High Explosive Warhead" and "Warning <--- Danger" below it appear at the front of each missile socket.


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