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Salt refinery
Salt refinery (gate)
The gate.
Settlement in San Esperito
Type Industrial facility
Province Provincia Aguilar
Missions that take place here Collect mission: "Salt refinery... yeah right"

The salt refinery is an industrial facility in Just Cause (1).


The refinery can be accessed by the same bridge that leads to the El Grande Fort. Using that bridge gives you a low level of Heat, but it should disappear if you drive to the refinery.

The refinery is populated by civilian workers. The only armed people are the two policemen, in the guard towers. Both towers are on the southern side. The guards are armed with revolvers, but the towers have mounted guns. They will shoot if you still have heat. There's also three small houses near the gate.

The refinery has several piles of salt.
Salt refinery (aerial)

The northern side of the refinery.

One of the collect missions "Salt refinery... yeah right" suggests that the refinery is also used by the Montano Cartel, to store their drugs.

Quote from the collect mission: The Montanos have stashed ten packages of pharmacy-grade coca in the salt refinery next to the El Grande prison. Find them all.


The refinery is located in Provincia Aguilar, directly north-west from the Agency 01 safehouse. The refinery is on a small island next to the El Grande Fort penal institution / prison.


If you lose your means of transport and get stranded here, the only options will be Heavy drop and Extraction, because there's no traffic on the roads on this island and the bulldozers are the slowest vehicles in the game.


Just Cause Collect mission "Salt refinery..05:00

Just Cause Collect mission "Salt refinery... yeah right"

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