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Santa Isabella
Santa Isabella
Viewed from tower 6 of San Esperito towers. The El Grande Fort is on the island at the right upper corner.
Settlement in San Esperito
Type Town
Province Provincia de la Cruz
Missions that take place here Sidemissions
Collect mission "Backdoor action"
The San Esperito Connection

Santa Isabella is a town in Just Cause (1).


It's an average size town with five generic town blocks. There's a windmill to the south-west and a few more small houses in the immediate vicinity of the town.

The western corner of the town has a unique hotel with a big courtyard. The south-western side of the courtyard is open and leads to the edge of a cliff. Looking down from the cliff, one can see the sea to the north-west and the El Grande Fort in Provincia Aguilar on another island to the north-north-west. The Isla de la Asuncion Province is also visible to the west.

The San Esperito Connection ends here.

Tower 6 of San Esperito towers is near the town, to the east.


Near the coast in the north-west corner of Provincia de la Cruz. It's the most western settlement on the island it's located on.


This video of a glitch was made at the hotel at the western corner of the town. See also: Just Cause Bugs and glitches.

Just Cause Rico farting glitch

Just Cause Rico farting glitch