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Satellite dishes in Medici
Satellite Dish Medici
The more common smaller type, at Guardia Lavanda I.
Sabotage Destructible Object in Just Cause 3
Total amount Unknown
Armament needed Small arms fire, or Grappler
Value in Chaos points 100
Approximate safe distance during destruction A few meters

Satellite dishes in Medici are in Just Cause 3.

Not to be confused with SATCOM Dishes, which are similar distrucable antennas, but enormous.


This satellite dish seems to pick up rebel activity in the vicinity of the base. A large number of them at most locations could mean they have a lot of different things/directions to monitor.
JC3 skydiving to radar base

A SATCOM Dish, as seen in a pre-release promotional screenshot of Vigilator Sud.

There are two types of satellite dishes. Some are small and very common at Military bases in Medici and police stations. The bigger variant, called SATCOM Dish, is only found at a few larger bases.

Satellite dishes do not function with out satellites, so they're related to the Medici Space Program.


They can be pulled down with the grappler or destroyed with nearly any type of small arms fire. They can also be towed away with some vehicles, if they are near the ground.


At most of police stations and Military bases in Medici. In fact, there are very few bases or outposts that do not contain this destructible. There are also at many eDEN stations which are dirty and old looking.


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