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The Sharkatron 3000 is an Animal and an Easter Egg in Just Cause 2.
Sharkatron 3000 (1)


It's a small robot submarine with a shark fin connected to the top.

It has a sign on it that says: "JüRGENTECH". The creation of this robot was outsourced by Eidos Interactive from a one-man-company called Jürgentech.

When in contact with water, it can destabilize grapple-hooked vehicles.

It's possible to grapple to it and ride around. It is also possible to grapple it to a helicopter and set it free in the ocean.


In the lake between Kampung Kala Merah and Negeri Cengkih, at X:12750; Y:22560. There's a collectable Armor Part on the beach of the lake.


  • Several YP-107 Phoenix boats can rarely spawn in in the same lake where the Sharkatron 3000 is found. This looks highly implausible as the lake is landlocked and surrounded by cliffs. The Sharkatron can easily capsize a Phoenix that is Grapple hooked to it.
  • It is unknown whether the Sharkatron 3000 is affiliated with the Panau Military, or not, but the lake is close to a military base. Maybe the military are using it to scare Civilians away from the lake? It is definitely possible, if any civilian was daring enough to try and spy on the nearby Negeri Cengkih base. If this ever happens, its definitely when Rico is not around.
  • If the Sharkatron is double grappled to a boat and towed around, the boat may be launched out of the water at incredible speed, usually reaching a fair altitude. On a good launch, boats can easily clear nearby mountains.
  • So far it is the only mechanical "animal" in the Just Cause game series.


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