Shimuzu (also known as Shimizu) is a vehicle manufacturing company in the Just Cause game series.
Shimuzu emblem closeup

The Shimizu/Shimuzu emblem as seen on the Shimizu Tumbleweed pickup.


In Just Cause it's called "Shimizu" and in Just Cause 2 it's "Shimuzu". This is believed to be the result of a typing error.


Shimuzu produces mostly All-Terrain Vehicles (more commonly known as ATVs), but it's also making Jet Skis and pick-up style cars. Judging by the sound and spelling of the name, it might be a Japanese company.

There's a glitch in Just Cause 2 that allows the player to use a two handed weapon on any of the Shimuzu ATVs (except for the ATV 55T). Usually it's only possible to use single handed weapons on a vehicle. The player has to Stunt-jump from a Parachute onto an ATV. Note that you have to be airborne for this glitch to work.


Vehicle Game
Shimizu - Mach 2 Just Cause
Shimizu Tumbleweed Just Cause
Shimuzu ATV 110 Just Cause 2
Shimuzu ATV 55T Just Cause 2
Shimuzu Freerunner Just Cause 2
Shimuzu PI Service Just Cause 2
Shimuzu Tracline Just Cause 2