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Si-47 Leopard
Si-47 Leopard
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type Jet fighter
Weapons Dual miniguns and rocket pods
Rarity Pretty common at military airports
List of owners Panau Military
A race owner
Top speed (km/h) 353.97
Top speed (mph) 219.95
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 70
Acceleration 75
Armour 60
Handling 70

The Si-47 Leopard is an airplane in Just Cause 2.


The Si-47 Leopard is based on the British fighter plane Harrier, but unlike the Harrier, it does not have vertical take-off and landing capabilities. A conventional landing is theoretically possible, but the ranges of speeds at which the Harrier can do this are very limited. Also, when deactivates landing gears, they fold facing to the plane, instead of folding backwards.

It's available in 4 colour-schemes, each with two tones of similar colors:

  • Brown / beige - At desert bases.
  • Green / light green - At jungle bases.
  • Red / different red - Races.

It is the smallest fighter jet in Just Cause 2.


Si-47 Leopards are very agile and turn quicker than most planes in Just Cause 2. This plane can also take off faster than most other planes and can near enough be landed on most airport runways.

The plane is based on the Harrier (a VTOL fighter), but it can not hover in the game.

They are equipped with dual Miniguns and two rocket pods. That and the fact that they are one of the the most common planes in the game makes them the best choice to complete sabotage challenges. Unfortunately, this jet is very fragile. It also struggles a bit when dual grappling a person to it, occasionally getting pulled about by the momentum and weight of the unfortunate person. It can sometimes lift vehicles with no problem but heavier vehicles will pull the Leopard down after a few seconds of hangtime. A Maddox FVA 45 will usually bring it back down.

When strafing military installments (or, alternatively, settlements) the Si-47 is a much less clumsy vehicle than the larger G9 Eclipse and is much easier to pilot. It generally takes longer to hit a target though.

The top speed is 219.95 MPH. Click here to see how it was tested.



  • The name Si-47 may be a reference to the Russian Sukhoi Su-47 experimental fighter, which appears similar to the G9 Eclipse.
  • Sivirkin could be a possible manufacturer for this plane.
  • As shown on Just Cause 2 Multiplayer, the aircraft will always retain it's two-tone camouflage. Even when set to be one color, it will be that color and a darker color.
  • Unlike most Panau Military driven vehicles, this plane doesn't require a quicktime event.
  • There are only two places where you will find a green-marked version of this vehicle:
    • The race "Island Hopping".
    • Paya Luas. There are a lot of green-marked variants of military vehicles at this airport. See the article for more details.
  • The Harrier, a British fighter plane in real life, on which this plane is based, was in service in Thailand (close to Panau in south-east Asia). It's possible that the Thai military sold some of their Harriers to Panau, where they were re-designated the "Si-47".
  • In the real world, the game logic would make this plane appear really odd.
    • Although the plane does not hover like the real life Harrier, it appears to have thrust vectoring nozzles on the side of it's fuselage, which should rotate and cause the plane to hover, but for some reason, they don't.
    • The way the Si-47 retracts their landing gears on the wings on the sides is a bit incorrect. Real-life Harriers retracts these landing gears backwards, towards behind the plane's wings.
    • In addition, the Si-47 has only 2 nozzles as opposed to the harriers 4. 2 nozzles would make it very unstable in VTOL operations.
    • Some players might think this plane is faster than the G9 Eclipse when it really isn't. It is just that due to this plane's smaller size, it might appear to feel lighter.
    • It has a strange weapons arrangement of having the cannons under the wings, a design of which hasn't been widely seen since WWII. Real fighter aircraft tend to have a singular cannon positioned under or next to the cockpit, although some have multiple weaker cannons.


See also: Just Cause 2 Vehicle glitches.

  •  360   Sometimes the Leopards can turn black, and/or glow white at night. Can be fixed through multiple ways. It's guaranteed that it is fixed when saving and then reloading the save file.



Just Cause 2 Crazy bridge limbo in a Harrier

Just Cause 2 Crazy bridge limbo in a Harrier

The agility of the Leopard allows you to do this...

Just Cause 2 Do you even lift?

Just Cause 2 Do you even lift?

The Leopard can't lift a Maddox.

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