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Character in Just Cause 2
Faction Panau Military
Job Colonel
Last known status Dead

Sivanathan is a character in Just Cause 2.

Quote from the PDAEdit

"Colonel Sivanathan, posted at the military harbor of Pulau Berendam, was a childhood friend of President Panay. Before the death of Papa Panay, Sivanathan was a lowly civil servant with low income and a mind numbing job in the tax administration. On the eve of his rule, Pandak 'Baby' Panay, honored his old friend with the military title of colonel and a cakewalk job at the Pulau Berendam harbor. Corrupted by power Silvanathan immediately started living the high life and is now one of the most deliciously depraved of all the depraved colonels in Panau's army."


Near Pulau Berendam military harbor, in Pelaut Archipelago at X:25880; Y:3460.

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