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Sloth Demon
Sloth Demon
As his picture appears in the PDA
Character in Just Cause 2
Faction White tiger
Job Black Market and Extraction helicopter pilot
Last known status Identity revealed - see the spoiler below

The Sloth Demon is a character in Just Cause 2.


"I got a message from Karl Blaine about you. The Scorpion right? Well, I am the Sloth Demon." - Sloth Demon introducing himself to Rico.

The Sloth Demon is a Black Market dealer in Panau - a weapon and vehicle salesmen, who helps revolutionary factions and criminals. His biggest and most beloved client is Rico Rodriguez, who he can even extract all over Panau, free of charge. He also works for the local drunk and gambler, Karl Blaine. Not much is known about Sloth Demon until the player progresses further into the game.


He's introduced to Rico Rodriguez by Karl Blaine. He seems to have a lot of knowledge on each faction and their leaders. He will often guide the player to the next objective and be a helpful companion. After the first 3 stronghold takeover missions are completed, he will tell you about them and as well the faction leaders will phone you, saying he is the the leader of a rebel gang called the White Tiger.

During the third Agency mission, The White Tiger, Rico is captured by Tom Sheldon. During a conversation, Sheldon states how Sloth Demon is an anagram of Tom Sheldon, revealing himself as the Sloth Demon. As soon as this happens, he will stop putting on a fake voice when you contact the Black Market and will treat Rico as a friend instead of a customer. But being as greedy as he is, he won't lower the prices.


See also: Black Market.

Rico calls the Sloth Demon:

  • "How may I help you?"
  • "What can I do for you today?"

Rico makes a Heavy drop deal:

  • "Stand back, dropping delivery."

Rico asks for an Extraction:

  • "This is the place. Good luck."


If you start a new game after completing the game on a different difficulty level and call the Black Market, Sloth Demon will act as Tom Sheldon, despite the fact that in this game you don't know where Tom Sheldon is yet. Sometimes he will also tell you to keep causing chaos before the level The White Tiger is completed, which is when he tells you that.

This glitch also results in most Panau Broadcasting Company news not being heard or seen from your PDA.

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