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Small broken ships in Panau
Small broken ship front (JC2)
At Kota Kuala Delima
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type Stationary vehicle and Wreck
Weapons None
Rarity Multiple constant spawn points
List of owners Civilians

Small broken ships are unusable broken vehicles in Just Cause 2. See Broken ship (disambiguation) for any other broken ships.


They're all identical wooden ships, appearing to be either cargo or fishing ships. They all have the same combination of light blue, grey, and brown paint. There's a mast at the front and an inaccessible passenger cabin on the rear end. There's a wooden frame of unknown purpose on the cabin roof. There are three closed hatches on deck, between the cabin, and the mast. The hatches lead to the below-deck cargo hold.

The hull is broken at the right front corner and left rear corner. The shape of the hull makes the ship lay on its side. See also Vehicle wrecks.
Small broken ship rear (JC2)


These ships are broken and can never be driven. See Stationary vehicles for other similar vehicles.


There's probably at least 20 of them.


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