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SnakeHead T20
Snakehead T20
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type Speedboat
Weapons None
Rarity Rare
List of owners Civilians
Karl Blaine
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 80
Acceleration 65
Armour 30
Handling 60

The SnakeHead T20 is a speedboat in Just Cause 2.


The SnakeHead is the most common of the three speedboats in Panau. It's a catamaran-hulled racing boat with a big engine and separate driver and passenger seats. It always appears with a single red stripe running down the length of its topside. Unlike the Frisco Catshark S-38, the engine is concealed, similar to modern-day powerboats.

It can spawn in purple, red, greyish white, orange and light green, the same colours as many sports cars in the game.

It resembles the real world American Offshore 3100.


The SnakeHead is one of the fastest boats in Panauan waters. Its top speed, acceleration and handling are 5 points greater than the Catshark's. Most likely due to its length, it is not as responsive as either the MTA Powerrun 77 or the Catshark. Unfortunately the armour drops by 15 points compared to the Catshark; this may possibly be due to the possibly lightweight construction of the boat. This has the consequence of not only making the Snakehead easy to destroy by enemy fire, but also means that collision damage will destroy it rather quickly, which can make it difficult to perform several Stunts in the same boat.


The Snakehead can be found in regular marine traffic quite commonly. Unfortunately, civilians tend to end up beaching this boat, often before it can be acquired. It spawns in several places.


  • Despite it was made by a company called Snakehead, it has a sign saying "Wilford" on the rear of the boat (the same as in Stinger Dunebug 84). It may be name of the company that made the engine.
  • If you approach this vehicle from the back-right while pressing 'E' repeatedly, Rico will Grapple into the passenger seat on the right. This animation is very rare among vehicles. Upon entering the passenger seat, like with all ground vehicles, he will immediately slide into the driver's seat. See also: Seating.
  • The one at Karl Blaine's Residence was glitched at one point, being able to sustain very fast crashes. However, that was fixed.
  • There are seven things with the name "Snakehead", but it's not known, if it is, referencing any of them. Disambiguation on Wikipedia



Just Cause 2 SnakeHead T2001:44

Just Cause 2 SnakeHead T20

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