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Stationary vehicles are present throughout the Just Cause game series. For other vehicles, see: Vehicles - disambiguation.
Tanker 2

A Tanker.


They can't move under their own power, or can't be moved at all.

Other type of special vehicles are the Amphibious vehicles and Vehicle wrecks. Several of the stationary vehicles are actually also vehicle wrecks.

Just CauseEdit

Vehicle Name Vehicle Type Description
Triton Broadsider Military ship Might be movable if something pushes it.
La Honradez Super-yacht Completely stationary. Spawns in Paradiso Bay during the mission Good Cop, Bad Cop.
Tanker Tanker ship Completely stationary. Spawns at 2 usual locations and in at least 3 more locations during sidemissions.
Small broken ships in San Esperito Wrecked small private ship Completely stationary. Located at about 20 beaches.
Vanderbildt Route 66 Crashed truck There's a broken and completely stationary version of this truck, which spawns at several locations and can be used as a stunt-ramp.
Huerta SPA Ocelot Crashed plane There's a broken and completely stationary version of this plane, which spawns in several locations. Sometimes there's a Collectable Item next to it, like a Black Box from the collect mission "Black is Black, I Want my Intel Back".
Pocumtuck Nomad Mobile home The big Agency van is never seen moving in this game, but it becomes a usable vehicle in Just Cause 2.
Buccaneer - Mendozas Destroyer Military ship Completely stationary. Featured in the mission Sink the Buccaneer.
Cable cars Cable cars Never moves and can not be used.
Salvador Mendozas Submarine Submarine Appears during an alternate ending of the mission Taking Out The Garbage. It's only seen from a great distance.
Prison barge Believed to be some type of barge Appears at the El Grande Fort during and possibly before the mission Breakout. Only in the Xbox and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

Just Cause 2Edit


The U1 nuclear submarine in the mission A Just Cause.

Vehicle name Vehicle type Description
Mile High Club. Airship / nightclub. Completely stationary. Located in the sky.
Propaganda Trailer. Special trailer. Completely stationary. Any attempt to move one will result in its destruction.
U1. Nuclear submarine. Completely stationary. Appears during the storyline missions "Mountain Rescue" and "A Just Cause". It's well armed and has to be entered during the last mission.
Broken cargo ship. Broken cargo ship. Completely stationary. It's broken in half and located in the desert. This is considered to be an easter egg.
Container Ships. Cargo ships at ports. Completely stationary at the Pelabuhan Saudagar, Port Kepulauan Pelaut, Kuala Cengkih and Pulau Kait.
Stronghold terminals Special trailer. Resembles the Mobile Radars, but has a smaller antenna. Oddly, It's indestructible and completely stationary.
Small broken ships in Panau. Small wrecked civilian cargo and/or fishing ship Completely stationary. They lay on dry land.

Just Cause 3Edit

Vehicle name Vehicle type Description
Aircraft carrier (no name). Aircraft carrier.
Excavator. Giant bucket-wheel excavator. These are very large mining machines at some mines. They function as Sabotage Destructible Objects.
Mile High Club wreck. Airship.
  • Crashed wreck of the JC2 Mile High Club.
  • Club wreck is under water next to the Stingray. If this one is to be considered canon, then the other wreck is not necessarily the same one from Panau. There could be a whole fleet of them in the Just Cause Universe.
Eden Airship Flying ship of sorts. Hovering giant ship with lots of weapons.
[Multiple.] Vehicle wrecks. There's multiple different types of wrecked vehicles at burned towns and at junkyards.
U41 Ptakojester Cargo plane. A Black Hand version of this plane is parked at an underground hangar at south-east Insula Lacrima. This plane is used in the cut-scene of the mission Stowaway.
Attack helicopters. Attack helicopters. There are two types of attack helicopters parked at the same underground hangar at south-east Insula Lacrima. Strangely, they're programmed the same way as normal vehicles, but Rico can not enter them.

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