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Stinger Dunebug 84
Stinger Dunebug 84 (Kem Pekan Selamat)
At the Kem Pekan Selamat military base.
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type Dune buggy
Weapons None
Rarity Pretty common
List of owners Civilians
Panau Military
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 60
Acceleration 52
Armour 30
Handling 60

The Stinger Dunebug 84 is a civilian dune buggy in Just Cause 2.


It's a 2 seat dune buggy. The model name or company name "Wilford", is written on the rear wall. It has the same wheels as some fast road cars. This means that if it would be given proper off-road tires, then its off-road handling would be even better. It's built to drive on smooth off-road terrain, such as beaches and dirt roads. It has the style of a street car and some ability of an off-road vehicle.

It can spawn in light green, orange, white and purple. It spawns in red for various races, and is seen in military beige at bases in the Lautan Lama Desert.

The appearance could be based on a Meyers Manx, AutoZodiaco Damaca or Lotus 340R. The name "dunebug" might be a reference to "baja bugs" - a type of dune buggy, based on a Volkswagen Beetle and customized for off-roading. The name suggests that the vehicle may have been built or at least might have debuted in 1984.

It can be considered a sports car in some respects due to its speed.


It has a decent top speed, good handling and is surprisingly tough for a vehicle of its size. It has the same engine sound as the Sakura Aquila Metro ST, which means that the Dunebug has a sports engine. Due to the sports engine, it's great for getting around Panau. It isn't too fast, which allows you to drive at a speedy pace, but at the same time you can have near enough total control. It handles very well both on and off the road, which makes the Dunebug a very diverse vehicle.

Also worth noting is that it's provided for quite a few Races, so these races are usually easy to complete. Certain races which involve having to drive through alleyways won't be difficult at all when using the Dunebug and races which involve having to get to a checkpoint that is fairly far away can be done just as easily with this great vehicle.



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