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Stria Carera G
Jc3 Stria Carera G
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type 4-door Hatchback
Weapons None
Rarity Common
List of owners Civilians
Top speed (km/h) ~153

~200 w/nitrous

Top speed (mph) ~95

The Stria Carera G is a vehicle in Just Cause 3.


It's an average RWD 4 door car, based on the Mk. 2 Volkswagen Golf and Fiat Uno, with some hints of Autobianchi A112. It's a 4-door version of the Stria Carera Standard.

It's available in many colors, but they're always rusty.

The windows are somewhat darker than the ones on a Stria Carera Standard.

The Rebel drop description: "When two doors just aren't enough, pack your roommates into the back of Stria's Carera G to see your friend's band across town. Hey, what's that smell?"


The Carera G is slower than the Carera Standard, but can still get an average speed.


  • In traffic, all over Medici.
  • After bringing one to a garage, it can be called in at any time via Rebel Drop.



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