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Stria Facocero
JC3 Stria Facocero Rebellion Variants
Available in two versions.
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Pick-up
Weapons Machine gun turret
Rarity Common
List of owners The Rebellion
Top speed (km/h) 181
Top speed (mph) ~112.5

The Stria Facocero is a pick-up in Just Cause 3.


It's a modern 2-door pick-up, with a large steel front bumper. It can only been seen in Rebellion and D.R.M. colours. Only the Rebellion version can be equipped with a machine gun mount.

By purpose and design, it's a successor to the Shimizu Tumbleweed.

The Rebel Drop description says "Co-opted by rebels from the DRM militia, the Stria Facocero is ideal for quick strike operations and truck bed shootouts."

According to the "The art of Just Cause 3" book from the collectors edition, this car is a "technical" version of the Stria Toro and it was meant to have two flags on 2 meter flag poles on the back. The developers did not have time to add the flags.



Some Rebellion versions have a Machine gun turret on the back, making this a "technical" - not quite a military vehicle, but an improvised armed vehicle used by real world factions.


Rebellion unarmed variantEdit

Rebellion armed variantEdit

  • Unlocked for Rebel Drop after liberating Porto Le Gratia.
  • Can be seen at numerous military bases and outposts, after they're liberated.
  • Spawns at conquered police stations, less often than the unarmed variant however.
  • Can be seen at numerous military bases and outposts, after they're liberated.
  • Can also be seen at conquered road checkpoints all over the map.
  • In traffic, most commonly in liberated provinces.

D.R.M. variant.Edit


  • "Facocero" means "Warthog" in Italian.
  • As pick-ups, they're unnaturally common in a European nation. In reality pick-ups are extremely rare outside of north America and Oceania.
  • Strangely, the D.R.M. variants still spawns at roadblocks north of the wall.
  • The D.R.M. was originally supposed to have a variant with a turret, like the rebel one. The fact they lack this makes the armed variant the only vehicle unique to the Rebellion.


Rebellion Unarmed VariantEdit

Rebellion Armed VariantEdit

D.R.M. VariantEdit


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