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Stria Gioco
Jc3 Stria Gioco
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Compact car
Weapons None
Rarity Extremely rare
List of owners Civilians
Top speed (km/h) 200
Top speed (mph) ~124

The Stria Gioco is a compact car in Just Cause 3.


It's a modern compact car based on the modern Fiat 500 and Opel/Vauxhall Adam. The tail lights are from the more modern variant of the Volkswagen New Beetle, along with a few other features. It's rims are similar in appearance to Abarth 595 and 695s.

The Rebel Drop description says "Stria's Gioco offers surprising pep for its size, with top speeds approaching 200 km/h on straightaways. Particularly evasive in roadblock situations."

There's a screen in the dashboard, which is an unusually expensive feature for a car like this. A mid-spec Fiat 500 has a screen like this, so this is likely a more premium supermini.


Great speed for a car of it's size and class, excelling around low speed corners due to it's short wheelbase.


  • Olivo Moro.
  • In civilian traffic.
  • Possibly at some town parking lots. Could be more common in south-east Insula Striate.
  • After bringing one to a garage, it can be called in at any time via Rebel Drop.
  • Common in traffic, particularly around Regno.


  • It's made by the fictional company Stria.
  • 'Gioco' means "toy", "play", or "game" in Italian.
  • The Gioco is very similar in performance to the Hamaya Oldman.
  • It's a modern variant of the Stria Cucciola, as they are both small low-end 2-door cars.
  • Strangely this and the Autostraad D90 are the rarest traffic cars, possibly even the rarest altogether (not including military vehicles).
  • It is faster than the Mugello Raffinati Vitesse, a sports car. This could mean it is based on an Abarth modified Fiat 500.