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Stria Joia
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type 4-door hatchback
Weapons None
Rarity Civilian: Common
Police: Rare
List of owners Civilians
Medici Police Department
Top speed (km/h) 153 (192 on the police version)
Top speed (mph) 95 (119 on the police version)

The Stria Joia is a car in Just Cause 3.


It's a modern 4-door European hatchback mainly based on the Mark II SEAT Leon. It features the Stria corporate grille. The vehicle could take some inspiration from the 2011 Kia Rio Hatchback on the rear. It appears to be a successor to the Stria Carera G. It has two fake vents on the rear bumper.

The car has a front transversely-mounted inline 4 engine with cladding underneath it.

The Joia has an unibody construction with front MacPherson strut and rear multilink suspension.

The Rebel drop description says "The Joia combines responsive handling and reliability in an economic model sedan. Offers surprisingly capable off-road performance".

Police versionEdit

The Medici Police Department used to use modified Joias for patrol. They can be found at police stations. They feature police light bars and red and blue Battenberg-like markings. Strangely the sirens on the vehicles are not functional and they only have a usual horn.

The ones found in police stations are heavily covered in dust and dirt, indicating that they haven't been used in a long time. This makes sense considering that the D.R.M.'s takeover of all the Police Stations in Medici took place shortly after Di Ravello got into power.

This choice of vehicle corresponds with many European nations, where hatchbacks are favored over larger cars for affordability.

According to the "The art of Just Cause 3" book that came with the collectors edition: "The graphic design on this police car was inspired by the Lamborghini's used in Italy's police force. As the game progressed and we phased out the police forces, these cars are now, for narrative reasons, abandoned throughout the countryside but still driveable."


It features front wheel drive.

When cruising under light throttle it sounds the same as its bigger sibling the Stria Kavala. As such, it performs similarly with average low-rev pull but it definitely gets faster the higher it revs. Drivability is hampered slightly by quick steering/brakes and a top speed limited to 153km/h. As a whole it is good for darting through towns and winding roads, but less so on the highway. When tested it reached it reached 100km/h (62mph) in 6.1 seconds, which is noticeably faster than hatches like a Golf GTI. Noticeably, when on brakes the car can sometimes spin out as if the brakes locked up, something to look out for.

On the other hand, the police version has an engine that revs out much higher and has a top speed seemingly limited to 192km/h (120mph). It has the same steering, handling and brakes but is definitely better on the highway which makes it worth using over the civilian version if available (see below). As tested it hit 100km/h (62mph) in 5.4 seconds, putting it not far behind a Mitsubishi Evo X for acceleration. Rear wheel drive could help this.


Medici Police DepartmentEdit

  • At most police stations, before they're liberated. Some stations have over 3, while some police stations don't even have parking lots.
    • One will still spawn at the police station in Fortalessa, even after it's been liberated, as the spawn point is located outside the wall and will not be replaced by a Rebellion vehicle.
  • Extremely rarely found in use by the D.R.M. or Medici Military in traffic or heat.


  • In traffic, all over the map.
  • After bringing one to a garage, it can be called in at any time via Rebel Drop.


  • There are several destroyed versions all over the map. Strangely, the destroyed ones are all the Medici Police Department version.


  • "Joia" means "Jewel" or "Gem" in Portuguese.
    • Another thing worth noting is that this car can spawn in metallic colorful paint schemes, including metallic violet, green and blue, so the name could be a play on the shiny colorful paint scheme, making it similar to various gems.
  • Despite being an emergency vehicle, the police version has no functionality to use the siren or emergency lights. It also cannot be stored or unlocked.
    • It is however, possible to simulate sirens. Just place GE-64 on the sirens and it will resemble functional sirens. Here is an example: Link to YouTube
  • This is one of the few Stria vehicles which are not based on a Fiat.
  • The police variant sounds turbocharged while the standard version does not.
  • The Rebel drop menu incorrectly labels this as a sedan.


Medici Police DepartmentEdit

Civilian VariantEdit



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