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Stria Obrero
Stria Obrero (civilian with no cargo)
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Truck
Weapons None
Rarity Common
List of owners Medici Military
The Rebellion
Top speed (km/h) 95
Top speed (mph) Unknown

The Stria Obrero is a flatbed truck in Just Cause 3.


It's a 1970's/80's European truck. The cabin is above the engine and it has only one set of rear wheels. It resembles a Fiat Iveco 619, furthering Stria's resemblance of Fiat.

The Rebel drop description states: 

Civilian: "The Stria Obrero is an industrial workhorse, slow to hit its top speed and impossible to push off the road. Great for transporting wine."

Rebel: "The Stria Obrero is an industrial workhorse, slow to hit its top speed and impossible to push off the road. Retrofitted for tactical transport by the rebellion."

The cabin is of a longer design to accommodate a bed behind the seats. Truck drivers sleep in their cabs if they make long distance deliveries, but very few trucks of this size have a bed. Most trucks with a bed are more like the Autostraad Reisender 7.

The Military variant features a different front end, featuring a thinner, more square and body painted grille, and an extra set of headlights next to the grille. The Rebellion variant however, shares the same design as the civilian model, with the Stria badge removed, and the grille painted body colour.


According to the rebel drop description, it has slow acceleration and is difficult to ram off-road.

However, the handling is somewhat realistic for its appearance.

Versions and locationsEdit

Medici Military:

The Rebellion:


Unique mission versions:

Destroyed version: All of them are military marked. See also: Vehicle wrecks.


Main article: Just Cause 3 Bugs and glitches.

  •  PC  As shown in a gallery below, there's a location at one of the mines that spawns both a military and rebel version at the same time. This can result clipping and/or missing textures, or even an explosion of the vehicles.
  •  PC  An even rarer glitch is the game will not partially spawn the truck, instead it spawns a collection of props, such as the doors, floating in the air. This glitch has only been observed at one of the two Rocca Blau spawn points.
  •  PC   Xbox One  The Roadside Event that spawns construction workers and a truck, may very rarely mistakenly spawn wine barrels on the truck.
    •  PC  This has been seen twice at Val de Mar. If Rico should spawn next to a Stria Cucciola, drive it down the curvy road to the west. A glitched wine truck that flickers between different truck versions may be parked at the side of the main road that you just arrived at.


  • The earliest pre-launch gameplay video showed its name as "Placeholder name".
  • "Obrero" means "worker" in Spanish.
  • As the standard army truck, it's the successor to the Battaille GPT-6 from Just Cause and Fengding EC14FD2 from Just Cause 2, but it also resembles the Niseco Tusker P246 from Just Cause 2.
  • Occasionally both the Medici Military and Rebellion variants will spawn at the same time at the same place, and end up inside each other. They will explode either at a random time, or when disturbed by the player. This glitch has only been observed at the two spawn points in Rocca Blau, it is unconfirmed if this can occur anywhere else.
  • On closer examination of the truck's exhaust stack, there's a rain cap attached to the top. The cap doesn't function in the game, but on a real vehicle it would flap up when the truck is accelerating or down when it stops.
  • According to its abundance in Bavarium mines, and its spawn locations under ore chutes, the vehicle is very clearly used by the Medici Military to carry Bavarium ore.
  • The apparently needless corner in the front mud guard makes the vehicle seem like a product of the same company as the Urga Bkolos 2100, which shares this design feature.


The RebellionEdit

Medici MilitaryEdit

The Rebellion EMP variantEdit

Civilian variantEdit

Glitch picturesEdit



Around 8:55

Let's Watch Just Cause 3 Beta - Part 124:21

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