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Sungai Tapai
Sungai Tapai
Settlement in Panau
Type Village, Fishing port
Territory Selatan Archipelago
Coordinates X:20400; Y:24960
Missions that take place here None

Sungai Tapai is a village in Just Cause 2.


The village is a medium-sized fishing port, located inside of a small bay. There are at least 15 houses, mostly the common cabins. Some are located out in the water, staged up on pillars and others are on dryland. There are more cabins a bit further out to the east, but still inside of the settlement borders. East of them is a Black Box.

In the middle of the village is a Propaganda Trailer. Next to that trailer is some sort of enterable house. There's no furniture inside the building. It may be some sort of meeting place. Identical houses can be found at several other places, like Kampung Tiang Emas.

The name means "Fermented River" in Malaysian, which's a terrible name, because there's no river here.


In the most north-eastern part of the Selatan Archipelago, north of Pulau Ketam Besar. It's at the coast of a small bay. It can easily be reached via a small dirt road that leads west from a main public road.



No vehicles are known to be spawning here.


Just Cause 2 - Sungai Tapai - civilian village01:47

Just Cause 2 - Sungai Tapai - civilian village


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