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Tanker 1
This one is visible from Guerrilla 15 Camp Delta safehouse. Picture taken from a Whiptail Gyrocopter.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Oil tanker ship
Weapons None
Rarity Common
List of owners EL gas

Tankers are oil tanker ships, in Just Cause (1).


They are by far the largest vehicles in the game. They are so big that they appear on the PDA Maps. They're usually parked at the offshore rigs, but can also be seen in some sidemissions. Usually they don't have anything on deck (other than a system of pipes), but when they appear in the Rioja sidemissions, there's a bunch of wooden boxes and steel barrels lying around the deck.

The ships don't have any known names. The Rioja boss, who gives the mission, refers to it simply as the "tanker".

They are believed to belong to the San Esperito oil company EL gas.


  • 2 of them (with out helicopter landing pads) are next to oil platforms on the western edge of the map. They are so big that they appear on the PDA map.
    Tanker 2

    During a Rioja mission. Picture taken from a Jackson Z-19 Skreemer (provided for the mission).

  • One of them (with a helicopter landing pad) appears in some Rioja sidemissions. Side-missions are different in different areas, so be sure to do the missions close to some large bodies of water if you want to see one.


These vehicles can not be driven in and they appear only as stationary objects - Stationary vehicles.


Main article: Just Cause Bugs and glitches.

 PC  There's a glitch that causes the ship to sometimes appear invisible during the whole Rioja mission. The ship may also flicker between visible and invisible, depending on the angle you view it from. There is no known way to fix this glitch and it's believed to only happen when the game is played with a very inadequate video card (like that of an old laptop).


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