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Tasik Kasuari
Tasik Kasuari
Settlement in Panau
Type Industrial Settlement
Territory Panau Tengah Bay
Coordinates X:17970; Y:23110
Missions that take place here None

Tasik Kasuari is a settlement in Just Cause 2.


The name means "Cassowary Lake" in Malaysian. The location is marked as a village, but it's actually a factory. The buildings are enterable and there are a lot of machines with unknown purposes. There are two non-destructible chimneys here. Several workers can be seen working there. There's a stunt ramp in the area, made of a pile of road signs, it jumps down to Pekan Tanjung which is less than 200m to the west.


It's located less than 200m east from Pekan Tanjung. To the south is Pekan Kuala Kering and Kampung Kepulauan Selatan. To the northeast is a small, unmarked, settlement with a water tower, 3 resource items, and a skull.



Tasik Kasuari - Settlement Completion00:57

Tasik Kasuari - Settlement Completion


Just Cause 2 Ramp jump01:02

Just Cause 2 Ramp jump

The ramp at Tasik Kasuari.

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