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The Rocket
Jc3 the rocket
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type "Soap box car"
Weapons None
Rarity Very rare
List of owners Mario
Top speed (km/h) Depends on the hill slope
Top speed (mph) Depends on the hill slope

The Rocket a.k.a. Soap Box Car a.k.a. The Ricochet is a vehicle in Just Cause 3.


  • When Rico is in the car, the name is displayed on screen as "The Rocket".
  • The name painted on the side is "The Ricochet". The paint is partially warn off, making it difficult to distinguish from "The Rocket".
  • The game statistics about the longest distance driven in this vehicle call it the "Soap Box Car".


It's a small brown wooden car with four bicycle wheels. It has no own engine and thus, is unable to move on itself. There are red writings on the side saying "The Ricochet" (its name). The front and rear walls have the racing number 1 on it.

Soapbox car at wikipedia.


Very slow, unless you're going downhill. Mario drives it between about 10 and 80 km/h, but it can go much faster if driven down a steeper hill. In any good hill, the Rocket can reach speeds above 150 km/h.

Mario is able to reverse it at will on flat ground. This can also be done by the player, but strangely, it can only go forward when it's rolling down hill.

The vehicle does have brakes, but it's not recommended to use them unless the road has a 90 degree turn, or unless you want to stop. Gradual deceleration can also be done by driving off the edge of the road for a moment.

"Endless runner"Edit

Entering the vehicle will start a counter at the top right corner of the screen that shows the furthest distance driven in this vehicle. The next time you drive it, the counter won't appear until you're at least 50% as far as the previous record.

The counter is called "Endless runner" and it calls the car "Soap Box Car".

It's possible to Grapple the vehicle to the back of a Civilian car in an attempt to go further, but the counter will not appear. However, it can be pushed to achieve a new high score (see gallery).


This vehicle can not be seen in the Rebel drop, because according to Alessia, they "can't do anything with this one".


  • This vehicle is considered to be one of the Easter Eggs in Just Cause 3.
  • This vehicle is one of the very few that has no engine. Others are small wooden boats at some coastal settlements, that do float, but they're very difficult to balance and can't be controlled.
  • Probably Mario used it as his race car in his early days on Medici. That would explain why he uses it.
  • This vehicle is needed for the "Endless Runner" and consequently "Feat Fetish" Just Cause 3 Achievements.
  • Despite its engine-less nature, The Rocket can oddly explode in the same way as any car, especially when jumping out while moving.
    • This is likely due to Game limits, similarly to how the Hot air balloon has hidden helicopter blades that show during an explosion.
  • The only other vehicles in the Just Cause game series that have racing numbers are Mugello Farina Duo and Makoto MZ 250.


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