• 1: Arrival with intention to enter.
    1.1: Save the game after getting the map marker, so I could extract back here if things go wrong.
    1.2: When I arrive by Helicopter, I stay out of SAM range and look at the base to memorize the layout. Then move to step 2.1.
    1.3: When arriving by Car, or Grappler, I skip this step, or get to the top of the nearest hill. Then move to step 2.2.
    2: Entry.
    2.1: If I entend to mess the place up and complete it, I'll land the helicopter right into the base and then proceed to step 3. Otherwise I'll land outside the fence and move to step 2.2.
    2.2: If on foot, I'll sneak up to the fence at the least populated part of the base and grapple over it.
    3: Systematic stealth.
    3.1: I'll sneak around the base as stealthily as I can and try to kill everyone one at a time.
    3.2: At the same time as step 3.1, I'll systematically move across the whole base. Usually I circle the base once, just inside the fence and then go to the middle. By the time I get to the middle, almost everyone will be dead (unless they keep respawning at that base).
    3.3: I grab every collectable item while sneaking around.
    4: Alone at the base.
    4.1: I find the best (most fun looking) vehicle at the base and drive it around to see if I missed anything and then drive away, unless I want to complete the base.
    4.2: If I want to complete the base, I'll take out the Sabotage destructible objects at this point. Usually I leave them all there, so I could come back some other time for another fun shootout. I wouldn't want them to abandon the place.
    5: Save the game again.

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    • At the start of the game I flyby all settlements with the peli silverbolt so I can extract wherever I want. I will usually have a heli unless I'm extracting far. With a heli I will first circle the base at a decent height not to get spotted and spot out everything, destructable objects, collectables, congregations of troops. First I destroy all the SAMs, easily avoiding the missiles, then I take out the larger groups of troops, I then land the heli on a roof so no troops can get it and get all collectables. Then I fly off after destorying everything else.

      Without a heli, if it's small enough for no respawns I will just kill everyone, get collectables then find a heli, if not a car with a good turret to destroy everything else. If it's large enough for respawns then I get collectables after viewing the base from a vantage point/s, killing everyone in my way, get the heli (large bases will 99% of times have one), shoot out SAMs and destroy everything. If there's a general then that's always my first target, either by heli,long range weapon or explosives (If in open area and I have a vehicle I will ram them for fun). If there's some damage to the heli after completing I replace it if there's another one and move on to the next.

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    • If it's extremely well-protected I will first kill most of them.

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    • I usually don't have a plan, but I "plan" on changing that soon.

      I'm thinking of something that involves a whole lot of C4.

      If I can place down C4 in strategic places, then get out of there fast, I can blow it up and hopefully kill most of the people.

      Or just go in guns a blazin'.

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    • Depending on the type of base, I have different strategies but they're mainly either vehicular, foot, or Aerial. I'm describing my aerial technique first.

      If I have a Sivirkin 15, UH-10 Chippewa, or any good helicopter that come with missiles, I start firing at all sabotagable objects. If there is 1-3 SAMS, I just use the chopper to take them out. If there is a high amount of SAMS (In a base like Pulau Berapi) I sneak in by entering into the least guarded area which is also blind to Snipers and grapple to each SAM and blow them up using triggered Explosives. Then I use the Chopper to destroy all sabotagable objects. After that is finished, I will grapple around to collect resource items and destroy any property that has to be done manually like Bio-Fuel Shafts or pipelines. If my aerial vehicle is downed, I grapple to the most armored vehicle like a SV-1003 Raider and use it's turret

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    • My strategy is actually pretty risky, but I would knock on the front door and start Submachine Gunning (or machine gunning) all the troops, then throw grenades at the destructibles. All the while collecting resource items.

      So far, that is the most fastest way (for me anyway) to obtain level five heat, which is starting to become very fun for me (although I bet most of y'all will be trying to avoid a ton of vehicles at that level)

      I think upgrading everything in the Black Market to level 6 has its perks

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    • Sneak in and wreck everyone's faces with the Air Propulsion Gun (tried this at Pulau Ombak Merah,forgot to restock health cos I assaulted a Comms. Outpost before.)

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    • Don't suppose you noticed the heat-less Chepachet PVD? You could've used that to good use

      I've got a new strategy now that I have a save file on hardcore difficulty

      Its called: create enough chaos via faction items to unlock the GV-104 Razorback, upgrade it to level 6, and then wreak havoc like a boss

      Or if I'm feeling bold, use only Submachine Guns and risk being hit by a literal plethora of Assault Rifle, Machine Gun, and Shotgun blasts. Not to mention a ton of military vehicles disregarding the front door showing up to kill me. Oh and I can't forget a aerial flotilla of rocket-armed UH-10 Chippewas instantly spawning the second I get far enough from the base

      Fun times

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    • Didn't see it.

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    • It should be there (I mean, I even uploaded a pic of it)

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    • I have a new strategy for JC3 bases

      Two words (well terms): GE-64 and Protec Grappler G3

      Reactivated 563 days later

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    • I use the "pew pew" guns usually: EDEN Spark and Bavarium Splitter

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    • I used a more old-fashioned approach with mainly just Urga Vdova 89 and Grappler. Sometimes also Grenades, Parachute and Capstone FH155 (when available).

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    • Sometimes I decide not to use the grappler, and walk or drive vehicles. But most of the time I find a vantage point and use tanks. And then I would use grenades and the grappler. I do not know why but I tend not to use GE-64 during liberation.

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    • I normally only use armored vehicles at the mines.

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    • Oh yes the mines

      Those are tank or attack helicopter only bases for me

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    • I usually use an Odjur on mines, and as proven by UNHC, they are very effective  against bavarium refineries with their MGs

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    • I used train missiles "Borrowed" Urga Bkolos 2100s on mines

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    • I would use a Bkolos on any other type of base, but the Odjur has the armour and coaxial machine guns, which I think make up for the Bkolos' higher rate of fire and agility.

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