• In one of the side missions you start at the prison, you have to take either a sports car or a patrol vehicle and bring it to a garage. Stealing the car is fine, it's just that it's physically impossible to finish the mission because the objective waypoint is in an inaccessible part of the garage. Am I doing it wrong, or is it actually a glitch?

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    • This sounds like a game design flaw. Some safehouse garages are so low in the ground that only a sports car can fit, so it's not surprising that some mission target is a bit off-set.

      You mean the El Grande Fort, right? Because there's one more prison at the Secret Police Headquarters.

      If you can't get the car to the right spot inside the garage, have you tried to get it against the wall behind the garage? Maybe that's a little closer the point? Also, if the car fits like that, try to park sideways to get the center of the car closer to the target.

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    • It's the Secret Police Headquarters. there is a parking garage near it, but as I said, the waypoint is inaccessible, as it's actually in the wall. The closest distance I can get is 12 metres. (This is all on the PS2)

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    • Yeah, 12 meters is a bit much.

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