• would the car list go? Here's my opinion:

    Sakura Aquila City and Forte: Proton Wira or Mitsubishi Lancer

    Sakura Aquila Metro ST: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V

    Sakura Aquila Space: Proton Satria

    Dalton N90: Despite being based off the Dodge M80, I would suggest a Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck. You see, Mitsubishi and Chrysler had a joint venture.

    Garret Traver-Z: Ford Mustang GT (2005 model), because the Ford GT is too fast and the Ford GT90 is a concept car.

    Poloma Renegade: Chevrolet El Camino

    Boyd Fireflame 544: The Holden Efijy is a concept car, so let's go with a grey import Chevrolet SSR instead.

    Chevalier lineup: Since Chevalier sounds Chevrolet, I would suggest an Isuzu D-Max pickup truck.

    Vaultier Patrolman: I don't remember compact coupe utilities being sold in Southeast Asia, but I would suggest a Chevrolet Montana imported from Brazil.

    Titus ZJ: Something like a TVR would be good enough.

    Civadier 999: Looks like a Kia KCV-III concept. I don't like concept cars being seen on the road. The sportiest Korean car would be the Proto Motors Spirra, so let's go with that.

    Additional cars: Toyota Fortuner (spawn in the Lautan Lama Desert), Proton Gen-2 (spawn in Panau City and west Berawan Besar), Toyota Caldina (popular grey import like in Malaysia, should spawn in Panau City), Toyota Hilux (spawn in the Lautan Lama Desert), Perodua Myvi (spawn in Panau City) and 2006 Asian Toyota Camry (spawn in Panau City).

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    • Conveniently most vehicle pages already mention what real vehicles they most resemble.

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    • I think the Poloma Renegade looks like a Dodge Charger ute of sorts.

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    • I decided to make a 2009 (Just Cause 2's setting) best-selling cars list for Panau:

      -Daihatsu Xenia
      -Honda City
      -Honda Civic
      -Honda Jazz
      -Hyundai Avante
      -Isuzu Crosswind
      -Isuzu D-Max
      -Kia Cerato Forte
      -Mitsubishi Adventure
      -Mitsubishi Montero Sport
      -Mitsubishi Triton (Like I said above, would be used by the Roaches, but would also be used as a civilian car in the Lautan Lama Desert)
      -Nissan Frontier
      -Perodua Myvi
      -Perodua Viva
      -Proton Persona (used as a taxi in Panau)
      -Proton Saga
      -Toyota Avanza
      -Toyota Camry
      -Toyota Corolla Altis
      -Toyota Fortuner
      -Toyota Hilux
      -Toyota Innova
      -Toyota Vios (used as a taxi in Panau, like in Indonesia)
      -Toyota Wish

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    • Seems accurate, Though I would expect both generations of Chevy Colorado, and possibly the Captiva too. In the cities there would be many luxury German cars along with the average Japanese ones. Also Toyota Hiaces are quite abundant.

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    • Pure Competizione wrote:
      In the cities there would be many luxury German cars along with the average Japanese ones.

      Makes sense, since Panau City is sort of like Singapore, so Singaporeans love Mercedes and all those vehicles. I would also expect Maseratis driving around, as well as other supercars. Panau City would be one of those places for supercar sightings. Since you say average Japanese cars would drive around, I would expect imported Japanese cars, like a Honda Rafaga for example: (Yes, this is my Photoshop) If only there were car mods that would replace the boring cars (like the Sakura Aquila) or addon cars were added.

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    • I think of Panau more as Thailand, as Singapore has many strict cleanliness laws against graffiti and the like. The Niseco trucks are on point. When I went to Thailand I saw them all the time. Their Airline is actually quite similar to Thai Airways.

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