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    So what were you guys doing last week? Anything interesting? Because I was playing Devil's Drop Zone over and over again in an attempt to see if the Agency MV is actually savable, and I learned a ton of things about the mission, how it works, what goes wrong and why, and ultimately, whether or not it's possible to save the Agency MV. Let me go get some images and I'll get started.

    20170502200011 1

    I started the expedition with the simple question "Maybe somehow the Agency MV can be saved if it's pushed to Guerrilla 1?" This image is of me beginning to move it with one of the Cutler Bullhorns, but promptly triggering a Wallys GP spawn.

    20170502195913 1

    I shot the mounted gunner and hijacked the vehicle to engage the driver, but strangely I found he was very hard to kill. In the end, as it turns out, all San Esperito Military soldiers in the driver's seat on this mission have as much health as Rico, and are quite difficult to take down. He can be eliminated safely with minimal damage by using the Wallys GP to run him over, however.

    20170502200042 1

    All three vehicles together in one image. The Agency MV was pushed by myself driving the Cutler Bullhorn, and this is an image proving that the Wallys GPs on this mission can actually be driven.

    20170502203220 1

    After the encounter with the Wallys GP I resumed pushing the Agency MV all the way down to Guerrilla 1. I had to give it a good nudge, then turn around it and park next to the garage door, causing it to open and allowing the Agency MV to just roll in.

    20170502203228 1

    The garage door shut prematurely on top of the Agency MV and began to crush it. But Tom Sheldon, as well as the mission marker telling the player to get into the MV, had been detached and got stuck in the garage.

    20170502203237 1

    Another image of this. The second Cutler Bullhorn means nothing, I had already saved it before attempting this.

    20170502203249 1

    Thinking quickly, knowing eventually the Agency MV might disappear from being slammed by the garage door, I got out of my Cutler Bullhorn and walked over to the garage. The door stayed open and I walked up to the vehicle. This image shows Tom Sheldon, now standing in the middle of the garage, and the Agency MV which has been converted to a fully drivable vehicle. At this point I thought I was getting somewhere.

    20170502203310 1

    It turns out, I actually discovered content that was cut from the game. When I got into the Agency MV, a voice clip not previously known triggered. While the subtitles read "Mission_sheldon_m01_27" the voice clip is Tom Sheldon yelling "Get outta the car Rico!" indicating that at one point during development, the player could actually get into the Agency MV if they wanted to.

    20170502203320 1

    Upon backing the MV safely further into the garage away from the door, I hopped out, and the cut game content continued. This time fully subtitled, Tom Sheldon replied "Thanks man!" for getting out of the car.

    20170502211652 1

    At that point I was sort of stumped and didn't really know what to do, but I had an idea. Since Tom Sheldon and the marker were out of the Agency MV, which was now fully drivable and saved in a garage, maybe somehow the Wallys GP with the mounted gun would be the next step?

    20170502212133 1

    Bingo. By repeating the same process, but then getting into the Wallys GP's mounted gun, it fooled the game into thinking I had progressed the mission. Pictured here is Tom Sheldon running out of the garage and ultimately getting into the Wallys GP.

    20170502225831 1

    At one point I thought maybe I could try and destroy the vehicle, to fail the mission that way. I put many a Pitbull round into it, but after that didn't work, I knew something was up. Pictured here is me having climbed up to a guard tower to see if I could use the mounted gun, but that wouldn't have worked either. You see, as it turns out, the Agency MV is actually completely bulletproof, and can only be damaged by explosions, much like a Ballard series armored vehicles.

    20170503105523 1

    That was the conclusion of day 1 of testing. Pictured here is the next day, in which I tried to push the Wallys GP with Tom Sheldon up to Agency 1. I thought perhaps Sheldon would trigger the mission end somehow, after I had saved the Agency MV.

    20170503112847 1

    Needless to say that last test didn't work. I tried to fail the mission and restart the checkpoint, and this image is of a voice clip that I haven't heard before. Instead of the usual "Outstanding! Get you a case of beer for that one." I instead heard the less common "Yee-haw! That's some mighty fine shooting boy!"

    20170503113125 1

    The beforementioned "Outstanding! Get you a case of beer for that one." actually triggered later on at the bridge section. This leads me to believe that both of these clips are triggered when specific Wallys GPs are destroyed, and the one that triggers this quote must have survived all the way up until I destroyed it, at the bridge. Perhaps the "Yee-haw!" quote is attached to a GP that is seldom destroyed because of the roadblock cutscene right after.

    20170503115319 1

    Restarting the checkpoint didn't work either. (Didn't save the progress during which I saved the Agency MV.) This is during another restart, and I had another theory. I had accidently gotten into the Agency MV's mounted gun back during the first Wallys GP test, and I could freely get out of it at will. So I suspected maybe the player is freely able to get in and out of the mounted gun at will. Not only was I right, but there's a voice clip for it of Tom Sheldon saying "Hey! Get back behind that shooter!"

    20170504160751 1

    The next day, I had a different sub-test to do. I thought that while the Agency MV would be harder, perhaps this means that the Wallys GP is savable. I had pushed the Agency MV with the Cutler Bullhorn down to Guerrilla 1, but I had also brought along the commandeered Wallys GP, jumping it forward by about 50 meters each time it would get farther away. In this image, I am beginning to push the Agency MV back from Guerrilla 1, after having saved the Wallys GP. The reason I took the picture the moment it was taken, is because it turns out the Agency MV will go a LOT faster if pushed from the front, rather than the back as I had been doing.

    20170504162656 1

    I pushed the Agency MV all the way back to the beach, then got in the mounted gun to see if the AI program would still drive properly. He was able to, and I could finish the mission normally. This image is the end of my test, showing a forward-facing mounted gun Wallys GP, obtained from Devil's Drop Zone, in free-roam.

    20170504170803 1

    This is another test I ran to see if the Agency MV could be pushed along an alternate route to skip portions of the mission. You can tell by the minimap I'm just near the bridge at the end, and I had another theory that the Agency MV is actually what triggers the San Esperito Military spawns.

    20170504170821 1

    Tom Sheldon began to call for Agency air support during this test, which confirmed my theory. The entire mounted gun section of Devil's Drop Zone can be skipped if you have the time and patience to push the Agency MV. This test also showed me that either the Tom Sheldon NPC or the Agency MV itself are the proximity triggers for mission events.

    20170504170825 1

    I promptly got out of my Cutler Bullhorn at this moment and hopped in the Mounted Gun, and sure enough, Tom Sheldon started driving towards the road and began heading across the bridge normally. The fighter jets were triggered properly, and something that isn't pictured, the Cutler Bullhorn had been destroyed automatically. All the San Esperito Military forces still alive are detonated automatically during the airstrike, regardless of distance.

    20170504184228 1

    Knowing this, I thought that perhaps I could try the same idea of pushing Sheldon to the rail route again. I swapped vehicles with him at Guerrilla 1, pushed us to Agency 1, saved the Agency MV, then simply ran into the Wallys GP and pushed it with Rico's own body up to this point, which is around the time when the cutscene of mission success triggers.

    20170504184240 1

    I hopped in the mounted gun, and nothing occurred. As predicted though, Tom Sheldon began driving forward through to Agency 1, and soon crashed into the small building. No cutscene or dialogue triggered, indicating that this didn't work. This did however, show that the AI program is equipped to drive right into Agency 1, a bit further than the mission actually goes before ending.

    20170504201257 1

    I thought perhaps the mission ending needed to include the fighter jet trigger so, one of the most time-consuming things I've ever done, I used Rico's own body to push Tom Sheldon's Wallys GP all the way across the mission's end bridge and up to this intersection around where the fighter jets trigger. Nothing happened. I began to suspect that there was an issue with the proximity spawn.

    20170504211003 1

    At this point I needed to run another test to see if Tom Sheldon or the Agency MV itself was actually the one to trigger the mission events. Surprisingly enough, while pushing each other back, an enemy Wallys GP in this area spawned. It caused the original Wallys GP to despawn, with Tom Sheldon in it, but I was able to acquire the second attacking Walls GP and proceed with the test.

    20170504211225 1

    A couple of minutes later I reached the beach again and placed Tom Sheldon at around the point where the Agency MV spawns originally in the mission. My plan was to get in the mounted gun and, assuming Tom Sheldon's NPC would drive along the path, simply see if the San Esperito Military would spawn.

    20170504211312 1

    Tom Sheldon did drive along the path properly. Unfortunately, no San Esperito Military forces spawned. I retrieved the Agency MV, but it also did not trigger any of the enemy forces. Before I could also travel through the broken version of the mission to explore it, at one point Tom Sheldon got stuck from my pushing and ended up reversing infinitely. This is not something that happens, this was something that I caused by accident.

    20170505173236 1

    This is the final day of testing. I knew that the Agency MV and Tom Sheldon NPC were not in fact the proximity triggers, but I still had hope that maybe if I let Sheldon drive all the way up to the roadblock, perhaps the cutscene and enemies would trigger and fix it, allowing the mission to be completed without the Agency MV, which would in theory, be sitting in a garage if the player was attempting to save it.

    Snapshot 1 (5-10-2017 4-08 PM)

    After heading through the barren and broken version of the mission, around this time is when another Wallys GP spawned. Pictured here is one of their bullets, flying through the bottom-right corner of the screen.

    Snapshot 2 (5-10-2017 4-09 PM)

    Note the hitmarker and lost health, further reassurance that, while I couldn't see it or look at it, there was another Wallys GP behind me.

    Snapshot 3 (5-10-2017 4-09 PM)

    We had reached the roadblock location now, but unfortunately, it looks like nothing has spawned.

    Snapshot 4 (5-10-2017 4-09 PM)

    Sure enough, without anything triggering, the AI's driving programming cut out and he barreled right into the building at full speed, then continued to accelerate infinitely without any more programming for this.

    Snapshot 5 (5-10-2017 4-10 PM)

    The culprit that had followed me. Note that the San Esperito Military soldier in the mounted gun is shooting at Tom Sheldon and not me, that's a point that I had completely forgotten about earlier. When I first spawned the first Wallys GP by moving the Agency MV, it turns out they were programmed to attack Tom Sheldon and the Agency MV, and they would only attack Rico if disembarked. Not pictured here is the mounted gunner then getting out of his gun and attacking me.

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    • I see I have some pictures to rename (assuming that you'll stick them into any articles).

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    • Overall, I learned many things about Devil's Drop Zone by doing this over the course of a whole week, but unfortunately, none of them were actually how to save the Agency MV. I suspect that the ultimate reason for its impossibility is that the invisible entity of game code that actually spawns the encounters and dialogue when it gets close enough, gets detached from the original undrivable Agency MV when it is respawned in a garage, and cannot be reclaimed or re-attached to a vehicle, making the mission impossible to complete.

      I have another theory though, but after doing this for a week I am far too lazy to even bother with it. My next theory is that perhaps one could push the Agency MV through the mission up to the roadblock with another vehicle, defeat all the enemies that spawn as you go, then turn the objective marker into the roadblock rather than the Agency MV. After that perhaps the entity could be fixed, but the chance is slim.

      I have put Construction tags on the articles for the MV, Wallys GP, and Devil's Drop Zone because I am about to edit them all to include everything I learned. Perhaps where I have been unable to find a way, someone else can see if the Agency MV is impossible to save on PC.

      In addition, I also have a theory that the vehicle is impossible to save on PC because Avalanche thought perhaps a fully bulletproof vehicle was quite an overpowered thing to have at the start of the game. They thought making it undrivable on consoles would be enough, but it wasn't, so they removed parking it completely.

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    • For the mission article: Just don't put your vehicle misadventure info into the walkthrough section. That type of info belongs in a separate vehicles section of sorts. (I don't know, add one.)

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    • That's a lot of pictures

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    • GMRE wrote: I see I have some pictures to rename (assuming that you'll stick them into any articles).

      I'll re-upload them with new names if I put any of them in articles. For now though I don't plan to.

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    • Wow. I love this sort of stuff.

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