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Tourism is a major industry in Panau in Just Cause 2.
Three Kings Hotel (2)

The Three Kings Hotel, the biggest tourist establishment.

Pekan Batu Karang

Pekan Batu Karang, one of many resorts in Panau.

Panau International Airport (main building and tower)

Panau International Airport.

Types of tourist settlementsEdit

Establishments include beach resorts, a ski resort, an airship, a luxury hotel and a casino.

Tourist resorts are mistakenly identified as villages on the map, because JC2 has a very limited number of different map icons.


Many tourist settlements were built when Pandak "Baby" Panay came to rule and wanted to make Panau a playground for rich foreign tourists.

Panay started to take away rights from the average Panauan citizen, and gave them to rich foreign tourists instead.

List of tourist settlementsEdit

Here is a list of tourist settlements in Panau:


Resorts are the most common tourist settlement in Panau. These are where people stay in private bungalows.

Main attractionsEdit

These are bigger attractions that attract the most visitors in Panau.


Two airports are thought to have large numbers of tourist passengers:


Most tourist establishments are located in the Seletan Archipelago or the Senjakala Islands. Other settlements are scattered through Panau.

Here is a table of locations outside the aforementioned areas:

Settlement Location
Gunung Hotel Ski Resort Berawan Besar Mountains
Mile High Club Pelaut Archipelago
Panau Falls Casino East Tanah Raya
Port Rodrigo Panau Tengah Bay
Tasik Jernih Panau Tengah Bay

Military presenceEdit

Very few of Panau's settlements are free of any Panau Military presence. This includes tourist areas, however resorts obviously require some form of protection and law enforcement.

Several examples include:


  • Many resorts are easily identifiable because of their yellow roofs.
  • Tourists around resorts appear to be rich and foreign. Although this is likely the game designers idea of foreign-looking character models.
  • One building in the Three Kings Hotel has two floors that can be entered.
  • The Panau Falls Casino has a walkway that can be entered.
  • Pekan Batu Karang is completely empty of any civilian presence.
  • The Mile High Club has a ground base a couple kilometers away to the northwest of the airship.
  • Pulau Naga is the only resort on its own island.


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