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Trains and railroads
Train at Quayside
The train at Quayside loading area.
Vehicle in [[Just Cause and Just Cause 3]]
Type Trains
Weapons Automatic surface to air missile launchers.
Rarity JC1 - Missions only
JC3 - Free-roam
List of owners JC1 - San Esperito Military
JC3 - Medici Military

Trains and railroads are system of transportation in the Just Cause game series.

Common descriptionEdit

See wikipedia: Train and Rail transport.

Just CauseEdit

San Esperito has two trains, both featured in missions. Both trains are towed by the same armored looking locomotive number 57.

Mission River of BloodEdit

River of Blood takes place at Quayside loading area. The area has a small harbor at a river and two short railroads, both of which end at inaccessible tunnels.

The train here is transporting "nitric" rocket fuel and shipping containers. See the mission and location articles for full details.

Mission Guadalicano Choo ChooEdit

Guadalicano Choo Choo takes place along the nameless southern railroad. The railroad does not have any tunnel entrances, so it's unknown how the locomotive 57 got there. Both ends of the railroad are at long garages. The western end is on a hill east of Mendoza International Airport and the eastern end of the railroad is on a hill just west of Don Ernesto Harbor. Neither end of the railroad has a road leading to it, or any cranes, so the railroad doesn't seem to have any real value.

The train here transports rocket components and has 3 cars with Automatic surface to air missile launchers. There's also a few closed armored looking cars. See the mission article for full details.

Suspicious tunnelsEdit

There are two tunnel entrances near the Rioja 03 Lava camp safehouse, which look exactly the same as the tunnel entrances at the Quayside loading area, but strangely there's no railroad leading from one to the other. To find it, drive along the road away from the safehouse. There should soon be a cliff at the right side of the road. Look down and you'll see it.

Gallery (JC1)Edit

Just Cause 3Edit

According to some pre-release interviews, the Medici railroad is of the monorail type, but according to a "Fold-out guide to Medici" (from the Amazon exclusive edition), it's a Maglev type. Trains move about 120 to 125 km/h.

The railroad has automated armored looking trains that transport shipping containers, empty flatcars, varied Medici Military vehicles (including CS7 Thunderhawk fighters sometimes), and construction materials (steel poles and pipes). Trains appear and can get derailed in normal gameplay (outside of missions). When two train carriages hit each other, the carriages are launched violently.

By shooting the couplings between cars repeatedly, it is possible to separate the cars. This can be useful in some different situations: If you're trying to start a chase on a train, shoot out everything after the missile car, leaving only it and the engine remaining. If you want to sort through some vehicles on the back two cars, or get one from the middle, shoot out the couplings binding the carrier cars and box/missile cars or carrier cars.

Trains are featured in the mission Derailed Extraction, where Rico has to protect one and destroy two others.

If Rico is at the front of any car and the player attempts to make him jump straight up, he will back-flip to the middle/rear of the car behind him.

Missile carEdit

Many trains are armed with some type of missile system in a special car near the locomotive, which can be hacked from the roof to attack Medici Military vehicles. Some even have 2.

If you have heat, are in a vehicle and close enough, these missiles will shoot into the air and arc towards your position. Depending upon how fast you react, you will either die from multiple explosions or get launched a very far distance due to the vicinity of the missiles' impacting.

The missiles can attack you if you have heat near a railroad. They also act as far more deadly SAMs, as Hijacking a transported plane will result in getting hit with missiles if you don't evade them quickly enough.


The locomotives are automated and have no driver. Strangely, the locomotives have large shields at the front and barbed wire along the walls. The top edge of the shield is much higher than the rest of the train. An explanation for this is that there is a control panel at the front carriage, a key jammed into a supposed start up slot with a tag saying: lock.

Railroad networkEdit

Railroads make great test tracks for most race cars but it has been reported that there is a glitch with the Mugello Farina Duo where it can be thrown into the air by going over a train bridge too fast.

Train bridges can be "disrupted" with a single, well placed grenade on the surface. This usually won't destroy the bridge, just shift it around enough to cause the rails to fall out of alignment, causing any train unfortunate enough to drive over it to be derailed. Land vehicles can still drive over it if it's not too messed up.

There are some locations with multiple train bridges nearby, by disrupting both of them, almost no trains will spawn, making it safe for use as a makeshift runway.

It takes around 14 minutes to drive all railroad system with the Verdeleon 3 if it's equipped with certain nitrous upgrades.

According to the mission Derailed Extraction, the railroad network passes through (or nearby) a "D.R.M. airport". There aren't really any D.R.M.-controlled airports in the game and the only settlements/facilities the railroad passes are Bavarium mines and gates in the Insula Striate wall. The mission info could also have meant that the airport was simply the final destination of the journey and only some of the distance was meant to be traveled by rail.

Unique train on Insula LacrimaEdit

The Weapons Shipment Yard (cargo port) at Insula Lacrima has a short set of railroad. The railroad is the usual monorail type, but the cargo train cars on it are like those of a normal wheeled train. The freight cars also seem to be from the American railroad "Chessie System". How this is supposed to work is unknown. It's also unknown why that short set of railroad tracks is there at all, because it's only about 200 meters long. It does not end at a tunnel. It just ends. Whether this was just there for show or if it was originally supposed to be content for Mech Land Assault is unknown. It could be Cut game content from Just Cause 3.

Gallery (JC3)Edit


Main article: Just Cause 3 Bugs and glitches.

  • In Just Cause 3, when you are on a train headed towards a severely damaged bridge, and you are in the middle of hacking the missile site inside of the train just as it is going onto the demolished bridge, the train will derail and the screen will go black, and Rico will be killed. As the screen is black, the message "Return to Medici or suffer the consequences!" will appear on the screen. This indicates that Rico was launched out of Medici.  PS4  Sometimes the game will freeze before or after the message and it sometimes softlocks on the loading screen. Once Rico respawns, he will be halfway in the ground doing the falling animation. The player will have to restart the game once this happens. What console?
  •  PS4  Sometimes after a train derailment, some cars may be glitched party inside the ground shifting violently.
  •  PS4  When two train carriages hit each other, the carriages are launched violently.
  •  All Platforms  Depending on how fast you're traveling, the game might spawn shorter trains. This is not a glitch. The game does that to help itself load faster.
  •  All Platforms  The locomotive can sometimes spawn on fire. This is not known to harm the train and it's believed to be a normal game feature. Rico is unable to Grapple onto a burning locomotive.


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