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Trains and railroads in San Esperito
Train at Quayside
The train at Quayside loading area.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Trains
Weapons Automatic surface to air missile launchers.
Rarity Missions only
List of owners San Esperito Military

Trains and railroads are system of transportation in Just Cause (1).


See wikipedia: Train and Rail transport.

San Esperito has two trains, both featured in missions. Both trains are towed by the same armored looking locomotive number 57.

Mission River of BloodEdit

River of Blood takes place at Quayside loading area. The area has a small harbor at a river and two short railroads, both of which end at inaccessible tunnels.

The train here is transporting "nitric" rocket fuel and shipping containers. See the mission and location articles for full details.

Mission Guadalicano Choo ChooEdit

Guadalicano Choo Choo takes place along the nameless southern railroad. The railroad does not have any tunnel entrances, so it's unknown how the locomotive 57 got there. Both ends of the railroad are at long garages. The western end is on a hill east of Mendoza International Airport and the eastern end of the railroad is on a hill just west of Don Ernesto Harbor. Neither end of the railroad has a road leading to it, or any cranes, so the railroad doesn't seem to have any real value.

The train here transports rocket components and has 3 cars with Automatic surface to air missile launchers. There's also a few closed armored looking cars. See the mission article for full details.

Suspicious tunnelsEdit

There are two tunnel entrances near the Rioja 03 Lava camp safehouse, which look exactly the same as the tunnel entrances at the Quayside loading area, but strangely there's no railroad leading from one to the other. To find it, drive along the road away from the safehouse. There should soon be a cliff at the right side of the road. Look down and you'll see it.



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