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Trawler (party ship)
The private recreational ship.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Two vehicles with the same name. See below.
Weapons None
Rarity Common
List of owners Civilians

Trawler is a name given to 2 ships in Just Cause (1). One of them is an actual "trawler" type fishing ship and the other is a private recreational ship.

Performance (both versions)Edit

They appear to have the same performance. Impressive for a ship that looks like that, but you can't use it as a get-away vehicle. The Trawler is one of the slowest boats in the game.

The fishing shipEdit

This version is an actual "trawler" type fishing ship.

  • It has stairs going into the water on its left side, but those can't be climbed by Rico.
  • There's several masts / cranes on the back end for fishing related purposes.
  • It's equipped with 2 "lifebuoys".
  • The game doesn't normally let you have passengers, but if the driver of this boat doesn't jump off, you can transport him as one.

The private recreational shipEdit

This version is a private recreational ship.

  • It has stairs going into the water on its rear end, but those can't be climbed by Rico.
  • There are several masts for no practical purpose, that are used to carry colorful lights.
  • It has no visible engine.

Locations (both versions)Edit


Recreational versionEdit

Fishing versionEdit

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