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Triton - G3 Taiphoon
Triton - G3 Taiphoon
The civilian version.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Motorboat
Weapons None
Rarity Very rare
List of owners San Esperito Coast Guard
San Esperito Police Department

The Triton - G3 Taiphoon is a small motorboat in Just Cause (1).


It's a small relatively luxurious-looking motorboat. It has only one seat, but there's enough room for at least two passengers. The driver's seat is so low that if the driver sat down, he wouldn't be able to see much, if anything, despite the lack of a roof.

The San Esperito Police Department version has police markings and is driven by a policeman. When you have Heat, the police will follow you and the driver will fire his revolver at you when you're next to the boat. The super rare San Esperito Coast Guard version is also driven by the Police and has police markings, but it differs by having a golden sign on the side that says "SAN ESPERITO COAST GUARD".

It's made by the fictional Triton company.


Relatively decent for a boat of its size. It's not fast enough to outrun law enforcement, but it's not among the slowest vehicles either.


Civilian version:

San Esperito Coast Guard version:

  • This version is super rare. There are no areas where it would be known to be common. See also: Rare vehicles.

San Esperito Police Department version:

  • Super rare everywhere, except in front of the El Grande Fort, where it's common. Look for police markings.



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